New DigiComArts Website provides showcase for teens and others

Just in time for the build to Harvest Festival NYC, Librarian Rodger Taylor and myself are proud to present the new DigiComArts site which will provide a showcase for teens and others.

Digicomarts features Digital Communication Arts projects that are the result of the Digicomarts workshop series at the New York Public Library.

Since many of the projects that are created during the workshop series are also nominated for Platinum PIAs Awards, Digicomarts provides a way for surfers to experience the work of participants.

The Platinum PIAs Awards are featured during Harvest Festival NYC.

Dramatics NYC founder interviewed

In conjunction with an article I was writing, I recently interviewed the founder of the salon chain Dramatics NYC. I’ve known Rock for around 15 years or so. It was interesting going back to the beginning of Dramatics with him and hearing his story. It’s the story of how a combination actor/hairstylist on the threshold combined his worlds and created a hair salon chain that is influenced by the acting profession. And now Dramatics is sponsoring the Platinum Pias Awards.

Beauty Meets Entertainment

Every business needs to have a competitive edge. Something that differentiates it from competitors. Dramatics NYC, among its various differences, includes the beauty meets entertainment connection.

Some describe it as “hair and sizzle” with the stylish locks representing the beauty industry and sizzle being a code word for show business. The thing that works out nicely for Dramatics with its “beauty meets entertainment” approach is that it encourages members of the team to be creative.

Creative in terms of how they cut and style hair as well as creative in performance. That’s why stylists have stage names. You are actually entering an alternative experience.

An example of Dramatics’ hair and sizzle connection is the involvement of several of their hair stylists in the Stylists for Literacy and Magic Neighbors collaboration: the Lights Camera Read outreach performances.

These were done by the theater troupe for children of shelters. Plus it all comes together each year during the Harvest Festival NYC with the Platinum PIAs Awards.

harliquin is the director of the show

Harliquin also known as “Harley” at Dramatics NYC is the director of the upcoming Platinum Pias Awards and he has a vision. He sees the presentation of the 9 awards being preceded by a video and live action. Each of the 9 videos will be about an important community issue. A video is then followed by a fashion scene and then the award is presented. One of the key issues being explored is helping the homeless in NYC.

Dramatics NYC will sponsor the Platinum Pias

Dramatics NYC, Manhattan’s most successful salon chain, will sponsor the Platinum Pias Awards, recognizing outstanding achievements in the art and science of building communication with the Oscars of Beauty, Entertainment and Community.

Who will the “Review Me NYC” committee select? 5 beauty awards will be presented as well as 4 others in the areas of entertainment and community:

Help the Homeless NYC PIA: Homelessness
Acknowledging businesses and their customers in NYC who help the homeless
Interview with Safari, General Manager Dramatics NYC

Lights Camera Read PIA: Literacy
Awarding the creativity of contestants and their role models in this literacy contest
Interview with Justin Tuck, the New York Giants, encouraging teen participants.Since this year’s theme is “You can’t borrow honey from a zombie because…” there will also be an interview with Judith O’Dea, Communications Expert and female lead in the original 1968 “Night of the Living Dead”

Magic Neighbors PIA: Outreach
Acknowledging those involved with performances for at risk audiences
Plus clips of performers performing for children of shelters.

Digital Communication Arts PIA: Media
Recognizing participants doing writing, graphic arts, music, video and theater projects in the digital communication arts workshop series at the New York Public Library. This year’s theme is “anti-bullying”. Meet Shacara Mclaurin, “Stomp Out Bullying” Teen Ambassador and “American Idol” contestant plus others participating in the program.