Platinum Pias Community Awards Show gets a new website

As of yesterday, October 25, 2016, the Platinum Pias Community Awards show got a new website. This is exciting because now they can better serve their NYC and international audience.

The next Pias program will be in March, 2017 and will focus on artists who are making a difference in their communities.

Platinum Pias came into being in 2010 and had its first annual celebration in 2011. Those interested in knowing more about the Platinum Pias can visit their website as well as join the NYC Create and ArtisticPreneur newsletter.

Yianni Stamas and Art Gush Group Expand Cast and Crew

Yianni Stamas and Art Gush group expanded their cast and crew through a notice submitted to their email list. This is a part of an experiment regarding the exploration of making a multimedia play, web series and full length movie primarily online entitled Thrillumentary.

The full article appears on the Art Gush website at –