Just another idea?


If you are an artist, businessperson or educator, chances are that having ideas is an important part of your process. But sometimes, some of us get down on ourselves when we have a good idea but then do not act on it.


We can become disappointed with ourselves for not materializing the concept we thought of. But I truly believe that one’s own personal motivation in a general sense has everything to do with going from ephemeral to concrete.

The Arts, Business and Education

For example, how come some people are more successful than others in categories and industries including the Arts, Business and Education?


In my opinion, it comes down to how badly you wish to have the outcome.


Case in point, are people I have met along my journey who were early in their own lives, taking on challenging projects like becoming an actor, starting a company or launching a learning empire, and I knew immediately they would have success.


Some human beings have drive and clarity.


One of the fascinations of reading a biography is learning about someone’s upbringing and how it impacted them in terms of what they ultimately became known for.


Some were able to turn a negative upbringing into motivation to succeed.


It’s okay to not take action on every idea you have, because until you come up with one that has a problem you truly want to solve, it is…Just another idea.

Bot Smiles while Juggling Earth?

Bot smiles while juggling Earth? Is that inevitably what is coming?

The irony of the AI Do Good Awards is that the true way to make AI Do Good is for people who make AI, to do good. And then of course for those who use the AI tools to do good.

Plus, as human beings we have a personal and innate super power that bots do not. We are able to to “Make a Community”.

Hence this is why juxtaposed with the “AI Do Good Awards” is the “Make a Community Awards.” Watch for a list for each awards coming on New Year’s Eve 2023 as we move into 2024.

I had a long conversation with a friend yesterday that got me thinking about some of the ideas I have shared in this website over the years.

As you may know, the new focus of this site is to provide insights into what is involved with the process to “Make a Community” whereas the founding concept of it had to do with hope and wondering what it would take to change the world for the good of all.

For years my perception and hope for the world was based on trying to look at the “the world as it is” versus “the world we want it to be.”

I thought that the way we as human beings could possibly change the the world for the better, might have something to do with confronting what was wrong with it?

My belief was that you could maybe take it on, a bit at a time, and bring about tiny solutions, increment by increment?

That is one approach.

But is it a fundamentally different way to go about things, to pursue a positive outcome by reversing the order?

Meaning specifically, what would happen if rather than looking at it as “the world as it is versus the world we want it to be” to instead while moving forward to view the journey as “the world we want it to be, while seeing the world as it is?”

Humanity wins as long as the humans who create the technology for people, have their best interest at heart. But history in related contexts shows that is not always the case. Hence, as idealistic as it might sound, we all need to be a part of the solution.

Bot smiles while juggling Earth? Or do each of us in our own way participate in building toward a win for humanity and Make a Community?

A Lot Going on that is Magic

Yianni Stamas on the Work AI in NYC is Doing with the Blog Coalition’s Expanding Role in Magic

1. The Enchanting Alliance of Magic and AI

In today’s rapidly advancing technological era, the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) with the art of illusion is creating waves, especially in New York City. AI in NYC, in collaboration with the Blog Coalition’s 75 websites, is pioneering an innovative endeavor: teaching magicians how to integrate AI into their acts.

2. Conjuring with the Digital Wand

Magicians, like many artists, are always looking for fresh and exciting ways to captivate their audiences. The integration of AI offers not just a new trick up their sleeve but a plethora of possibilities to reimagine their acts, be it through virtual reality, responsive holograms, or predictive algorithms that can seemingly read minds.

3. Harnessing Free Resources for Magical AI

One of the most thrilling aspects of this fusion is the accessibility of free online resources. Websites like TensorFlow and OpenAI offer open-source platforms where magicians can harness AI tools and adapt them to create mesmerizing illusions and experiences.

4. Blog Coalition’s Magical Vision

The Blog Coalition, with its expansive network of 75 websites, is leading the charge by advocating the adoption of AI tools in diverse sectors. This engagement is not limited to magicians but extends to businesses looking to solve complex problems with the power of AI.

5. AI in NYC: Leading Magicians to the Future

AI in NYC, is specifically focusing on how magicians can utilize AI. Their research and development aim at designing AI tools that can be seamlessly integrated into a magician’s act, pushing boundaries and taking magic to unprecedented heights.

6. The Growing Concerns in the World of Art and Entertainment

The undeniable impact of AI on the world of art and entertainment hasn’t been wholly positive. Protests by actors, writers, and other artists reflect the apprehensions many have regarding AI’s influence on their professions. The fears of AI replacing the human touch or oversaturating the market are real.

7. Magic: A Unique Perspective on AI

Interestingly, magicians, being mostly self-employed, view AI from a different lens. Instead of seeing it as competition, they look at AI as a valuable tool that can amplify their performances, making them more intriguing, dynamic, and interactive.

8. Empowering the Magic Community

By embracing AI, magicians are not only redefining their art form but also ensuring their relevance in an ever-evolving digital world. This adoption also opens avenues for more performance gigs, as the novelty of AI-infused magic acts can attract broader and more diverse audiences.

9. The Noble Mission of Sharing Knowledge

The core belief driving these initiatives is the power of shared information. The Blog Coalition and AI in NYC operate with the philosophy that by placing actionable and user-friendly information online, it empowers others to elevate their craft or business.

10. A Future Where Magic and AI Coalesce

As the lines between reality and illusion blur, the fusion of magic and AI promises to usher in an era of awe-inspiring performances and experiences. With the collective efforts of platforms like the Blog Coalition, the magic community is set to redefine entertainment in the age of AI.

Always Mean to Update this But…

Forward Motion is Easier than We Think Sometimes

It is hard sometimes to keep moving forward. But at the same time, the alternative of doing nothing can be far worse.

It can sometimes feel similar like trying to get a company back on track.

You can see yourself thinking that if “Help is Given” it could change everything, that this is not something to try to do alone.

I have a way of sometimes finding a Person in Need of help with their career or creative process.

Myself and my family miss the days of the Platinum PIAs Awards.

Another topic is Ageism, but that is for another time.

Have a great weekend!

Simple Versus Complicated in the New Year

Complex Wheels Turning?

Don’t Be Blinded by Your Own Creations

Without a doubt a key component that has held me back for years has to do with simple versus complicated. I tend to see things as being very complex, when in fact, in practical terms, they can be quite simple. I am fascinated with systems, methods of getting results by plugging in one’s particulars. Life as some kind of performance art piece.

All Good Things Come in Time

And now in this first week of the new year, I am working toward having the next 361 days unfold in a basic and grounded manner. I had hoped this week to get started from day 1 on a plan I have that I will be living out. But this week has become one of pulling the elements together so the 51 remaining ones stay on track. Walls to beware of include U.S. Ageism.

Person in Need

Another fascination I have is with the concept that one can use creativity to, in a sense, create their own world. I now have some big responsibilities that come first before anything. But between this, during the breaks, I plan on continuing to develop this digitally. The internet is a great way of helping others, even just one person in need.

Actually a Great Time of Year

Living in NYC has an excitement still, even though I have lived here since 1988. There is always something going on of interest, regardless of who you are and what you would like to be a part of. And it is 12-12-2022 which means we will be doing the usual.

We will be putting 2022 to rest soon with the emergence of 2023. And it is actually a great time of year when you have a new chance at doing a New Year’s resolution which you will not do, despite thinking about it and maybe even go through the motions.

But for me anyway, by March you have pretty much forgotten what you gave as your goal, and at that point even if a memory of it pops into your brain now and then, it does not really matter because you will be soon find that you have given yourself permission.

Permission for what? Permission to not do in 2023 what you promised to yourself you would. That is how it is for me, consciously anyway. Okay, but here is the great news, even if you have maybe not even started the planned undertaking there is an official out clause.

You see, you might think every now and then about what you thought you wanted to do, but clearly that was not the achievement you sought and now can confirm you did not execute your action plan,

No worries. Because even if you failed to make it happen, if it is truly meaningful to you, will eventually do it. Therefore if you make a commitment to yourself that in 2023 the more spot on you are about your actual “needs” the more likely you will be to do them now!

But if it is suddenly December 2023 and are now focused on facing 2024, you have another shot at giving yourself the true objectives that are best for you at that moment. You see, it is indeed actually a great time of year!

Yesterday my Brother Emailed Me Some Notes by a Marketer

All it Takes is a Keyboard or Phone to Change Your Life? Not.

What struck me while looking at the actual steps of the document was how simple they were. These steps leveraged one’s ability to have a desired outcome.

I took an overall look of the bro shared publication and was impressed that the offer did not say it was super easy to get results on the internet. And it is not.

But if you keep an eye on the next big idea you will do fine. Thanks to my brother for sending it to me.

A Brief “Behind the Scenes” of the Creation of a Strategy that Shows You a METHOD HOW to Make a Difference with “Cause Marketing” while You Grow Your Business

Helping the Homeless is a Worthy Cause

For those of you who have not heard the term “Cause Marketing,” it is pretty much what it sounds like.

Our interpretation when it comes to the word “Cause,” is that it is a word that represents a person having a primary goal to makes a difference in people’s lives. And the best possible situation is that the aim that the person who is pursuing helping others, is truly driven to assist people in need.

Essentially, our take is that a “Cause” is something pursued vigilantly that helps society in a positive way.

That’s our take on “Cause” in the term “Cause Marketing.”

Marketing is a variety of different promotional strategies such as social media and search engine ads. It is a mix of things to reach a specific audience and inspire them to buy.

A person who has the stage name “Professor Dreamer,” along with someone using the pen name “Professor Realist” are collaborating on putting together a strategy that is 10 steps long and is geared toward growing your business as you make a difference in America. More to come.

Just Having the “Method How” is Not Enough

In the End, What You Do with Your “Method How” Makes all the Difference

Most dreamers do not achieve their big dream, not because they do not know how to (they can always get their “Method How”), but because they are afraid of pushing through the fear necessary to make it happen.

To the Top and then Down?

There are a lot of scary steps getting to the top, and many people will hate you and want what you have. You become a visible target and at a certain point in your arc, once you reach the top you will then quickly start to descend, which is inevitable.

Would You Like to Dance?

And your only shot at going back up, even a little bit, is to, at your now older age, do a dance, an amazing dance, during which you hurriedly continue to build your wealth, maintain your visibility and most importantly, be relevant!

Only One Step Ahead

And the funny thing is that in order to get to that point of “Success” it does not matter if you are young or old. In fact, there is only one advantage younger people have over older people.

A Single Difference

This “edge” is that if a younger individual is somehow no longer afraid, and is motivated enough to boldly take the steps, then they will likely have a longer time to live their life as a “Dreamer Do.”

Will You Claim the Status?

And the funny thing is that if a young person does not figure out how to push through fear, they will eventually become old and then pass away without having ever been able to claim the status of “Dreamer Do.”

Will it Make You Happier?

As Long as You are on Your DOER PATH You Can Dream Until it’s YOUR Reality!

The Process of “Dreamer to Doer”

In our current society, still in the grips of COVID, facing inflation, gas prices, major challenges overseas and more, we have a lot on our plates to start with, let alone wanting to develop ourselves as a small business owner or artist.

Many of Use Pursuing the Goal of Being on Our Doer Path

What is a “Doer Path?”

“We think of a Doer as being someone who is taking action (DOING) following through on a plan that is well thought out and used to keep that individual on track (PATH) to achieve a goal.

We believe that if you create what you are meant to create, while simultaneously caring about people and making a difference, you will succeed in a variety of different ways including business and career success, and being a model of others to to get on their Doer Path.

The Classic but Still Relevant Easy, Fast, Effective, and Profitable 3 Step Plan:

And yet, despite all we face, the age-old action 3-step plan for results still works:

  1. Have something people need and want, that is not available anywhere else.
  2. Market this thing to your target audience, as in those who desire what you are selling.
  3. Sell the thing, then repeat with emphasis to retain existing and loyal customers.

USA Make a Difference and Thus Ensure Our Wonderful Democracy Continues

Something that is not in the 3-step plan is one of the most important things we can do as citizens of the United States of American. It is the powerful mantra which is “USA Make a Difference” which is a callout to Americans to take stock of their lives and “give back” in areas they have been able, through hard work, to succeed in, and have gratitude because of this.

A great way of giving back is helping others on the same path as you to get further along on their “Doer Path!”

A number of sites we have been thinking about include:


An ArtistiPreneur is a kind of businessperson who is also an artist including in areas such as the performing, visual and media arts. To succeed in a creative field, do you have to have good business sense?

Art Gush

Art Gush comes from a meaning of having Art Gush out from you. Have you ever been on a roll, coming up with great idea after great idea? When you feel this, it means you are experiencing “Art Gush”

Save NYC Together

The desire to Save NYC Together is definitely going on here in Manhattan, NY, and our new mayor thus far is at the very least, keeping people upbeat with his inspirational mini talks via internet media, directed toward New Yorkers and the world. At one point recently I heard him say:

“It is time to start enjoying our city again. We are New Yorkers. We are winners!”

– Eric Adams, the New Mayor of New York City