Clash of the Age Groups

What’s the Talk All About?

So there’s been a lot of confusion about the above image in the context of a recent blog entry on the website. People were unclear about which two age groups the ice fist and the fire fist represented. It’s actually any two age groups that you like. Especially one group that’s becoming ice and the new one that is fire.

Handing the Torch Over

For example, there’s been a lot of discussion lately about Gen X-ers giving the mantle over to the Millennials. The question is whether or not it is being done willingly or begrudgingly. Let’s face it, it’s hard no longer being the “cool” ones as new talent emerges. Even the use of the word “cool” is not necessarily “cool” or maybe it is because it’s so clearly “uncool.”

An Exploration of Niche

Anyway, the article was created because is looking into the late end Gen X tribe and the early end Baby Boomers as possible clients for a promotional product they’re developing. The Marketing Coalition that will probably be the actual ones implementing the digital tools are ironically mostly Millennials.