As Long as You are on Your DOER PATH You Can Dream Until it’s YOUR Reality!

The Process of “Dreamer to Doer”

In our current society, still in the grips of COVID, facing inflation, gas prices, major challenges overseas and more, we have a lot on our plates to start with, let alone wanting to develop ourselves as a small business owner or artist.

Many of Use Pursuing the Goal of Being on Our Doer Path

What is a “Doer Path?”

“We think of a Doer as being someone who is taking action (DOING) following through on a plan that is well thought out and used to keep that individual on track (PATH) to achieve a goal.

We believe that if you create what you are meant to create, while simultaneously caring about people and making a difference, you will succeed in a variety of different ways including business and career success, and being a model of others to to get on their Doer Path.

The Classic but Still Relevant Easy, Fast, Effective, and Profitable 3 Step Plan:

And yet, despite all we face, the age-old action 3-step plan for results still works:

  1. Have something people need and want, that is not available anywhere else.
  2. Market this thing to your target audience, as in those who desire what you are selling.
  3. Sell the thing, then repeat with emphasis to retain existing and loyal customers.

USA Make a Difference and Thus Ensure Our Wonderful Democracy Continues

Something that is not in the 3-step plan is one of the most important things we can do as citizens of the United States of American. It is the powerful mantra which is “USA Make a Difference” which is a callout to Americans to take stock of their lives and “give back” in areas they have been able, through hard work, to succeed in, and have gratitude because of this.

A great way of giving back is helping others on the same path as you to get further along on their “Doer Path!”

A number of sites we have been thinking about include:


An ArtistiPreneur is a kind of businessperson who is also an artist including in areas such as the performing, visual and media arts. To succeed in a creative field, do you have to have good business sense?

Art Gush

Art Gush comes from a meaning of having Art Gush out from you. Have you ever been on a roll, coming up with great idea after great idea? When you feel this, it means you are experiencing “Art Gush”

Save NYC Together

The desire to Save NYC Together is definitely going on here in Manhattan, NY, and our new mayor thus far is at the very least, keeping people upbeat with his inspirational mini talks via internet media, directed toward New Yorkers and the world. At one point recently I heard him say:

“It is time to start enjoying our city again. We are New Yorkers. We are winners!”

– Eric Adams, the New Mayor of New York City