Concept to Real and Learning from Friends

I am fortunate to have a lot of interesting friends who do a lot of different things primarily in the arts and business. There seemed to be some interest regarding last week’s topic. So here is a bit more on the subject drawing from the experience someone I know and thought what this person described to me would be interesting to you, especially if you are a Startup Introvert or are a “Quiet” Emerging Entrepreneur who is finding it challenging to create a company that will be profitable in these strained times. And let’s face it, many introverts find it especially difficult doing things like sales while the competition, business extraverts, seem to have an easier time of it since their personality is outgoing and in some cases razor sharp goal oriented.

My friend, like many in business, was seeking a way to be more succesful.

This friend in the early ’80s was in L.A. and lead a life such that all around him were people becoming rich and famous. Literally.

My friend had an interesting and helpful insight.

He talks about how he probably should have been more surprised that success seemed so simple. Because the bottom line is to be successful takes a lot of work. Though, some are smarter on how they approach their entrepreneurial ventures.

But I my friend thought that “Making It” in the movie industry was going to be a piece of cake. And yes, my pal was a Startup Introvert.

He had always assumed that there was a “Method How” to become well known as an expert who was wealthy. Something we have in common is a fascination regarding uncovering formulas that once invented in a series of steps, would get the person using the blueprint to attain what they wanted to, in a less taxing experience.

Such is the key to embarking on a journey in which you go from “Concept to Real.”

At the time of speaking to my friend, I was coincidently spending time on my own doing research through observation. I contemplated on why no one had written a book like “Method How to Become a Celeb in Your Spare Time.” I am kidding of course.

But hearing stories from my friend about filmmakers, movie starts and such, it was puzzling to him as it is with me, why some folks appear to have an innate ability to climb the ladder?

Why is getting what you want appears to require no effort on the part of certain individuals while for others seems impossible?

I wanted to figure out why status building for “climbers” seemed effortless, while for others they tried and tried and tried again, but with no result?

Yet again through research it is once more reinforced that for Startup Introverts versus Business Extraverts, the former quits easily while the latter finds achievement simple.

The “Method How” is to keep climbing the cliff. And at any moment the rock you are holding onto might break. Just don’t look down.

And even if you do feel fearful, continue climbing up regardless.

Getting from “concept to real” is really a lot simpler than most of us think. Simple to know the “Method How.” Not so simple to stomach!

How to Get Clarity and Work More Efficiently by Maximizing Digital

Why complicate things when they can be much simpler?

Hi, Yianni Stamas is present.. Yes, it is I. I am about to share something that has been plaguing me for months, the solution for which came quite unexpectedly. One thing that I am known for among friends is making things way more complicated than they need to be. For example, and I kid you not, up until yesterday I had spent literally months trying to put together a workflow to help me use my time more efficiently each week. Weekly I am engaged with a great many technological methodologies that overlap each other at several junctions. I get by, but I know I am wasting time and could have a better system for doing the things that I do during the workweek. For example, among other tasks I had to do today, was to come up with brief posts for the websites Home Business eLearning, Media Administration and USA Go Digital.

The Goal

My objective was to put together a workflow to make use of my time weekly more efficiently. In short, I wanted to get clarity and work smarter not harder, as the saying goes. So who came knocking at my door? Digital of course. Still a friend after all these years, streamlining digital is the key to the new processes I will be introducing. But as is the case with many things, this tale’s backstory shows how being unnecessarily complicated does not help when trying to devise a shorter path.

100 hours or 7 minutes?

So anyway, after spending hours and hours trying to put together the best possible workflow, with all kinds of steps within steps within steps, in a flash I realized a much simpler way to accomplish my major goal. Then, I sat at my laptop and within 10 minutes had written off the top of my head, a complete 26 step method, each step being only three words long. I had figured out in around 7 minutes a much better and complete solution than the one that was still not completed and had taken me close to one 100 hours to come up with.

Could the 100 hours have been a waste of time and effort?

There are some who would say that had I not spent 100 hours trying to reach the destination, I would not have been able to do so, so quickly. I would like to think that is the case, but in truth I am not so certain. Maybe I just made things too complicated and had I thought in a much simpler manner, I could have put it all together months ago?

Please do not do what I did.

I put it all together in the form of a goal so that maybe one day if you find yourself dealing with a similar situation, you will not have to waste months on something that could have been accomplished in minutes!

Here is what I figured out:

Goals for today are:

1. Get Clarity

2. Work More Efficiently

3. Maximize Digital

Since I needed to do some updating on three blogs (Home Business eLearning, Media Administration and USA Go Digital) I started off by examining how I currently did updates like this, versus uncovering hopefully a better technique for doing so. If I do finally work this all out, I will definitely let you know.

Thanks for tuning in,

Yianni Stamas

Will You Take this Road?

It Landed on Top of Us

As always, we have an ear to the development of new cultural phenomenon. In January of 2020 we still sought out in-person experiences including movies, events, yoga lessons and so on. But then as recently as the early 2020s, things began to change rapidly.

Waking Up

COVID-19 overturned our lives forcing us to stay at home. Now relegated to being shut-ins due to the Coronavirus, we had extra time to become conscious of the large divide that existed between us and our fellow Americans.

Umbilical Cord

In March of 2020 things took an extreme turn. We then found ourselves staying home much of the time with the only relief from this difficult adjustment coming to us in the form of digital access. Digital became our connection to entertainment and communication.

Sorting it Out

Many of us did our shopping for food and more via the internet. The longer we stayed indoors, the more we feared that the virus that could catch up to us. But with extra time available to us on the computer, we sorted things out in a way we had never done before. We got more organized than ever about the important things in our lives.

Every End Seems to have another End

Now with variants of COVID on the rise, we ask ourselves will this ever end?¬† Is the “new normal” that everyone was talking about (several months ago), happening now? Just when hope pops up, another negative force pushes us back down again. And thus, digital grows and grows as businesses that were not set up originally to be digital, now must adapt or close.

Moments of Panic

We hope that things will be better for our children when they grow up. Will they have access to the same freedoms and enjoyment that we had when we could safely travel outside?

Yianni Stamas Talks About Why December 17 is Special

Art Versus Commercials

Today’s date is special and soon we are going to tell you why. Meanwhile, every step taken is a step closer the realization of our passion which is to make a difference by helping others to make a difference through our challenge: USA Make a Difference! There’s no reason why commerce can not participate in doing things for the common good while simultaneously creating visibility for their business offerings. I was raised in a household in which marketing was considered bad. It was due to the fear of being brainwashed by television commercials that my hippie parents had. And speaking of commercials, as I write this, the music I’m listening to on YouTube is being interrupted by commercials. Annoying I must admit.

History in the Making

All right, time now to focus on why this day is a special one. Welcome to December 17, 2020, otherwise known as Wright Brothers Day. That’s right, on this day in 1903 there were two brothers who changed the world’s transportation means forever. Near Kitty Hawk North Carolina (now known as Kill Devil Hills!?) is where they did their famous launch of a plane that marked the first time in history that a heavier than air contraption actually flew.

Escaping the Pandemic

And not that long after, my idol Erik Weisz, better known as Harry Houdini, did his escape while on a plane’s wing! But airplane’s of course were not just about magicians doing stunts on them, the Wright Brothers revolutionized travel. The irony today of course is that air transportation has a hit a wall due to the lovely Pandemic that most of us want to remove ourselves from, a prison of sorts that even Mr. Houdini would not be able to escape.

Soundtracks Can Set the Mood

I’m listening to house trance psychedelic on headphones as I write this. I find that sometimes I don’t just block out other noise going on near my home office (sitting cross legged on a bed with a laptop) but it can gives the illusion to me of typing things that are profound, because they have a soundtrack to go along with them. But when the music is shut off, it is really just another blog entry.

Turning “Too Busy” into Being a Motivator

Family comes first.

Almost Let Myself off the Hook

You’ve probably heard it spoken to you, or maybe you’ve spoken to others the phrase “I’m too busy.” Well the fact is, if you have prioritized your life and business, you may very well be too busy. But don’t let yourself off quite yet. What is it you really want to be doing? Have you made time for that or are you “too busy” to work on it. I know that I do this frequently. There are projects that are pressing, such as writing for this blog at least once a month, that I almost let myself off the hook today.

Why Write?

As I thought about being “too busy” to put up a post here, I pulled back for a minute. Why am I too busy to do a blog entry? Isn’t this what it’s all about? Of course it is. You can motivate yourself even if you are too busy to do so. How? Put everything into perspective and look at the stuff that matters. Family of course matters first and foremost. Friends are up there. Business is too. So why would I want to write in this blog?

“Good Morning” is the Priority

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I motivated myself to write in this blog using a technique myself and my brother talk about frequently that we call “Monetize your life.” The premise is simple. There are things you do and could well have to do, that could be used in some kind of product, service or art piece. Keeping a blog at one time or another has either been one of these or even all three. I turned “being too busy” into a motivator telling myself that doing this blog is important to me. And it is! Excuse me now as I go and say “good morning” to my family!

Being a Part of a Creative Community



I am fortunate to be a part of a creative community that meets regularly online via Zoom. It makes a difference in this pandemic to be in contact with like minded people. I also have been looking a lot at quotes of well known individuals. This includes Albert Einstein, who was the subject of a book  by a dear friend of mine who sadly passed last year. One of my favorite saying of Einstein is:

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

This resonates with me. We as a culture do get caught up with “success” that is based on monetary gain and can forget the bigger picture. What matters most is our relationship with ourselves in which we deem what matters to us. I believe we do have a choice and that what you think about can have an impact on what you encounter. I believe it is vital to focus on the positive.

Publishing and Self Publishing

Do You Have a Publishing Idea?

Publishing and self publishing are a line that is getting blurred. Now more than ever specific information is needed regarding how to get your book in front of your audience. The more specific your target demographic is, the better. Recently a new eBook entitled “Invent Mentalism,” was released to an audience consisting of mentalists and magicians. Do you have an idea that you would like seen be published?

Is Your Idea Helpful?

It is sometimes beneficial to pursue the area of “How Tos.” People like to learn how to do things because it opens up new doorways of opportunity for them. Do you have something to say to an audience that will be helpful for them? An example of this is an eBook that solves a problem for the reader. In this case, the author updated his book with a new section on alternative income streams for mentalists and magicians. This was done due to the fact that the Pandemic changed things for performers and they needed new ways to make money that did not rely on having a live audience.

What’s Your Motivation?

Getting started is sometimes not easy. That is why it is important to choose a topic that you are passionate about. Do you have a take on a subject that is unique and never been done before? All the better to see that it comes to light.

We’ve Talked About “Too Many Hats” at Great Length

Pick your hats. That’s right “hats” and not just “hat” as we will see.

Yes, the idea of “Too Many Hats” or “Lots of Hats” or even virtue of wearing a lot of caps continues to be a “thing” as described at Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Documystery has a lot to say about hats too in their recent exploration of “things you wear on your head.”

The point is, in the future people will wear more hats BECAUSE THEY CAN!

It is going to continue to be an ever evolving move toward working in small niches, which means that more and more people will not have to rely on big tech or entertainment industries for backing and will instead develop their own audiences. Wearing instead multiple hats in a DIY world.

DigiComArts and DigiRefer are on Fire

Shout out

Just a quick shout out to DigiComArts and Digirefer that are on fire. Great going everyone, the digital evolution continues.

The New Way

The theme is the way in which media clients of today are more savvy than ever with their tools that means media providers need to think not so much about what the next media incarnation is (though this is important) but to see themselves more as facilitators who can be the glue the client needs to put it all together.