Action Workflow

How to Get Clarity and Work More Efficiently by Maximizing Digital

Why complicate things when they can be much simpler?

Hi, Yianni Stamas is present.. Yes, it is I. I am about to share something that has been plaguing me for months, the solution for which came quite unexpectedly. One thing that I am known for among friends is making things way more complicated than they need to be. For example, and I kid you not, up until yesterday I had spent literally months trying to put together a workflow to help me use my time more efficiently each week. Weekly I am engaged with a great many technological methodologies that overlap each other at several junctions. I get by, but I know I am wasting time and could have a better system for doing the things that I do during the workweek. For example, among other tasks I had to do today, was to come up with brief posts for the websites Home Business eLearning, Media Administration and USA Go Digital.

The Goal

My objective was to put together a workflow to make use of my time weekly more efficiently. In short, I wanted to get clarity and work smarter not harder, as the saying goes. So who came knocking at my door? Digital of course. Still a friend after all these years, streamlining digital is the key to the new processes I will be introducing. But as is the case with many things, this tale’s backstory shows how being unnecessarily complicated does not help when trying to devise a shorter path.

100 hours or 7 minutes?

So anyway, after spending hours and hours trying to put together the best possible workflow, with all kinds of steps within steps within steps, in a flash I realized a much simpler way to accomplish my major goal. Then, I sat at my laptop and within 10 minutes had written off the top of my head, a complete 26 step method, each step being only three words long. I had figured out in around 7 minutes a much better and complete solution than the one that was still not completed and had taken me close to one 100 hours to come up with.

Could the 100 hours have been a waste of time and effort?

There are some who would say that had I not spent 100 hours trying to reach the destination, I would not have been able to do so, so quickly. I would like to think that is the case, but in truth I am not so certain. Maybe I just made things too complicated and had I thought in a much simpler manner, I could have put it all together months ago?

Please do not do what I did.

I put it all together in the form of a goal so that maybe one day if you find yourself dealing with a similar situation, you will not have to waste months on something that could have been accomplished in minutes!

Here is what I figured out:

Goals for today are:

1. Get Clarity

2. Work More Efficiently

3. Maximize Digital

Since I needed to do some updating on three blogs (Home Business eLearning, Media Administration and USA Go Digital) I started off by examining how I currently did updates like this, versus uncovering hopefully a better technique for doing so. If I do finally work this all out, I will definitely let you know.

Thanks for tuning in,

Yianni Stamas