A Brief “Behind the Scenes” of the Creation of a Strategy that Shows You a METHOD HOW to Make a Difference with “Cause Marketing” while You Grow Your Business

Helping the Homeless is a Worthy Cause

For those of you who have not heard the term “Cause Marketing,” it is pretty much what it sounds like.

Our interpretation when it comes to the word “Cause,” is that it is a word that represents a person having a primary goal to makes a difference in people’s lives. And the best possible situation is that the aim that the person who is pursuing helping others, is truly driven to assist people in need.

Essentially, our take is that a “Cause” is something pursued vigilantly that helps society in a positive way.

That’s our take on “Cause” in the term “Cause Marketing.”

Marketing is a variety of different promotional strategies such as social media and search engine ads. It is a mix of things to reach a specific audience and inspire them to buy.

A person who has the stage name “Professor Dreamer,” along with someone using the pen name “Professor Realist” are collaborating on putting together a strategy that is 10 steps long and is geared toward growing your business as you make a difference in America. More to come.

Concept to Real and Learning from Friends

I am fortunate to have a lot of interesting friends who do a lot of different things primarily in the arts and business. There seemed to be some interest regarding last week’s topic. So here is a bit more on the subject drawing from the experience someone I know and thought what this person described to me would be interesting to you, especially if you are a Startup Introvert or are a “Quiet” Emerging Entrepreneur who is finding it challenging to create a company that will be profitable in these strained times. And let’s face it, many introverts find it especially difficult doing things like sales while the competition, business extraverts, seem to have an easier time of it since their personality is outgoing and in some cases razor sharp goal oriented.

My friend, like many in business, was seeking a way to be more succesful.

This friend in the early ’80s was in L.A. and lead a life such that all around him were people becoming rich and famous. Literally.

My friend had an interesting and helpful insight.

He talks about how he probably should have been more surprised that success seemed so simple. Because the bottom line is to be successful takes a lot of work. Though, some are smarter on how they approach their entrepreneurial ventures.

But I my friend thought that “Making It” in the movie industry was going to be a piece of cake. And yes, my pal was a Startup Introvert.

He had always assumed that there was a “Method How” to become well known as an expert who was wealthy. Something we have in common is a fascination regarding uncovering formulas that once invented in a series of steps, would get the person using the blueprint to attain what they wanted to, in a less taxing experience.

Such is the key to embarking on a journey in which you go from “Concept to Real.”

At the time of speaking to my friend, I was coincidently spending time on my own doing research through observation. I contemplated on why no one had written a book like “Method How to Become a Celeb in Your Spare Time.” I am kidding of course.

But hearing stories from my friend about filmmakers, movie starts and such, it was puzzling to him as it is with me, why some folks appear to have an innate ability to climb the ladder?

Why is getting what you want appears to require no effort on the part of certain individuals while for others seems impossible?

I wanted to figure out why status building for “climbers” seemed effortless, while for others they tried and tried and tried again, but with no result?

Yet again through research it is once more reinforced that for Startup Introverts versus Business Extraverts, the former quits easily while the latter finds achievement simple.

The “Method How” is to keep climbing the cliff. And at any moment the rock you are holding onto might break. Just don’t look down.

And even if you do feel fearful, continue climbing up regardless.

Getting from “concept to real” is really a lot simpler than most of us think. Simple to know the “Method How.” Not so simple to stomach!

Just Having the “Method How” is Not Enough

In the End, What You Do with Your “Method How” Makes all the Difference

Most dreamers do not achieve their big dream, not because they do not know how to (they can always get their “Method How”), but because they are afraid of pushing through the fear necessary to make it happen.

To the Top and then Down?

There are a lot of scary steps getting to the top, and many people will hate you and want what you have. You become a visible target and at a certain point in your arc, once you reach the top you will then quickly start to descend, which is inevitable.

Would You Like to Dance?

And your only shot at going back up, even a little bit, is to, at your now older age, do a dance, an amazing dance, during which you hurriedly continue to build your wealth, maintain your visibility and most importantly, be relevant!

Only One Step Ahead

And the funny thing is that in order to get to that point of “Success” it does not matter if you are young or old. In fact, there is only one advantage younger people have over older people.

A Single Difference

This “edge” is that if a younger individual is somehow no longer afraid, and is motivated enough to boldly take the steps, then they will likely have a longer time to live their life as a “Dreamer Do.”

Will You Claim the Status?

And the funny thing is that if a young person does not figure out how to push through fear, they will eventually become old and then pass away without having ever been able to claim the status of “Dreamer Do.”

Will it Make You Happier?

As Long as You are on Your DOER PATH You Can Dream Until it’s YOUR Reality!

The Process of “Dreamer to Doer”

In our current society, still in the grips of COVID, facing inflation, gas prices, major challenges overseas and more, we have a lot on our plates to start with, let alone wanting to develop ourselves as a small business owner or artist.

Many of Use Pursuing the Goal of Being on Our Doer Path

What is a “Doer Path?”

“We think of a Doer as being someone who is taking action (DOING) following through on a plan that is well thought out and used to keep that individual on track (PATH) to achieve a goal.

We believe that if you create what you are meant to create, while simultaneously caring about people and making a difference, you will succeed in a variety of different ways including business and career success, and being a model of others to to get on their Doer Path.

The Classic but Still Relevant Easy, Fast, Effective, and Profitable 3 Step Plan:

And yet, despite all we face, the age-old action 3-step plan for results still works:

  1. Have something people need and want, that is not available anywhere else.
  2. Market this thing to your target audience, as in those who desire what you are selling.
  3. Sell the thing, then repeat with emphasis to retain existing and loyal customers.

USA Make a Difference and Thus Ensure Our Wonderful Democracy Continues

Something that is not in the 3-step plan is one of the most important things we can do as citizens of the United States of American. It is the powerful mantra which is “USA Make a Difference” which is a callout to Americans to take stock of their lives and “give back” in areas they have been able, through hard work, to succeed in, and have gratitude because of this.

A great way of giving back is helping others on the same path as you to get further along on their “Doer Path!”

A number of sites we have been thinking about include:


An ArtistiPreneur is a kind of businessperson who is also an artist including in areas such as the performing, visual and media arts. To succeed in a creative field, do you have to have good business sense?

Art Gush

Art Gush comes from a meaning of having Art Gush out from you. Have you ever been on a roll, coming up with great idea after great idea? When you feel this, it means you are experiencing “Art Gush”

Save NYC Together

The desire to Save NYC Together is definitely going on here in Manhattan, NY, and our new mayor thus far is at the very least, keeping people upbeat with his inspirational mini talks via internet media, directed toward New Yorkers and the world. At one point recently I heard him say:

“It is time to start enjoying our city again. We are New Yorkers. We are winners!”

– Eric Adams, the New Mayor of New York City

In the Midst of COVID, Comes Gun Violence in New York City, which is the Problem of All New Yorkers

COVID Still Reigning Over Us Comes the Heartbreaking Tragedy of Police Officers Passing

Statistics that are Out of Control as Lives are Taken

Gun violence in New York City is at an all-time high. In fact, literally around the corner from where I live with my family, on pretty much a weekly basis, we hear of shootings that often lead to deaths.

Lives Taken, tragically is Business as Usual

Unfortunately, when the gunfire that happened on Friday took the lives of two police officers, I am sad to say that in our community, which is just a few subways stops away, was yet another home-grown homicide.

The Shootings Triggered involvement of the Blog Coalition Site

We have not heard from the main Blog Coalition overview website, though, coverage by this coalition journal’s participating sites has been happening, just not documented. I am involved with these sites, helping with content creation and such. In addition to the Blog Coalition, other blogs that are mentioned in B.C.’s latest post include Save NYC Together, USA Make a Difference and the return of Manhattan Coronavirus, which is the site that documented the pandemic daily for the first one hundred days.

Lives of Police Officers Taken

This recent shooting got more attention than many of the others because it solidified the extreme nature of what is happening in our dear city. The first officer to pass was only 22 years old and at the start of his career as a police officer, a position he took because of his desire to make a difference in the upper Manhattan community. The other officer was hospital and eventually passed also.

Pain into Purpose

Our new mayor, Eric Adams, is a former police officer. He pledges that he will “turn pain into purpose.” We’ll see…

Happy New Year’s Day! In the Past, Resolutions I Have Made Usually Result in Me Dropping the Ball (Pun Intended)!

It is Not About Having Enough Time; It Has to Do with the Outcome Sought

I think that in theory, creating a bucket list at the beginning of the year can spice up what is to come. It is a great concept actually. A time to review what you accomplished the prior year, and then to make a list of things you wish to achieve in the coming 12 months. But I don’t know about you, I have not always had the best follow-through in terms of making it across the finish line.

My New Year’s Evolution

I am definitely planning out of the coming 365.25 days. Today is Day #1. I am doing the whole mapping out the year differently than I have in the past. Part of the strategy is to be accountable to other coalition websites. And then for 52.17857 weeks I will be helping with the development of a project, the evolution of which will be seen on blogs like this one.

The Coalition and Education

As several of you know, there are around 60 or so sites in the Blog Coalition. Yesterday, four of these blogs, including the Blog Coalition website itself, made it known publicly that they have a commitment to be engaged in the procedure or creating learning materials. The three remaining that put up blog posts yesterday, New Year’s Eve are the sites the Platinum PIAs, Save NYC Together, and USA Make a Difference.

Cyber Monday, Do You Not Need It but Want to Buy It Today in 2021? Plus, Community Reflections…

Remembering “Magic Neighbors” on a Cyber Day

I have been trying for much of the day today, to finish writing a post for the Magic Neighbors blog, but I keep getting distracted by falling into the Cyber Monday void. The statistics for today won’t come out until a little later, but it will be interesting to see what the outcome is on this Cyber Monday, 2021. I don’t know about about you, but for me this year has whipped by too quickly. Even with COVID and its Variants, as was sung in Rocky Horror “Time is fleeting.” And now I officially understand that phrase I have heard parents say over the years which is “They grow up too fast.” It is true.

C.M. Begins

What’s the deal with Cyber Monday? I guess the operative word is just that: “deal.” Online deals specifically. And for many, a big deal. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was good. Family and all that. And now on C.M. I find it fascinating that it has been around for more than one and a half decades. Makes sense that it was started in 2005 by the NRF (National Retail Federation). The mission from the very beginning was to get more people to make purchases online. There are millions of members who are a part of this organization. And FYI, in just last year alone, the company processed 10.7 billion in sales Have you made any eCommerce purchases today motivated by what the day offers in terms of price slashing and such?

Reflecting on a Community Traveling Theater Troupe

I have to leave in a bit and make some changes on a post for one of the the Blog Coalition sites called “Magic Neighbors.” Currently that blog only dates back to 2018. But in reality, it was started way before that. Unfortunately, though, during the process of upgrading the website, much of the original content from the early years was lost. Regardless, it is still a blog that is very nostalgic for me because it brings back happy memories of a fun period during which we called ourselve “The Magic Neighbors Performing Arts Troupe of Magic and Storytelling,”

A Cast of Actors, Puppeteers and Magicians that Traveled from NYPL Branch to Branch Via NYC Subways and Busses

We would go from New York Public Library branch to another, with lots of magic props and puppets that we used to perform in front of family audiences throughout Manhattan and the Bronx, NYC. There was a lot to carry on the subway. In fact, we even brought our own big red velvet curtain on a stand that would be behind us as we performed. Thankfully, the company consisted of several performers, so we would each carry a portion of what we needed in order to do the shows.

Community Online and Off

I remember way back to the early 90’s when I first started to make websites, it became exceedingly clear that “community” could be online also. During that period, I was filming a very primitive weekly journal in my Hell’s Kitchen apartment and in the streets of New York. I really got to know the city and gained insight into the power of neighborhoods, not just in Manhattan but in other boroughs as well.

Media and Meaning

I’ve had a lot of multimedia adventures over the years since coming to New York from L.A. in 1988. And now on this day of deals, some of us want to buy something, anything, just to get the benefits and savings of a promotion, even though we may not need what is being sold. Selling has been a dimension of my sometimes job of being a marketer over the years. And, ironically, I was raised by “Hippie” parents who thought TV ads and advertising of any kind were evil.

Are Your Neighbors Magic?

I am happy to see that in the present, an advertising trend that some businesses are embracing is one in which attention is focused on neighborhoods and communities. And speaking of neighbors, I have to get back to working on that piece I mentioned earlier, which is for the Magic Neighbors site that I will actually post later today. Unfortunately, “Magic Neighbors” is not updated as much I would like it to be.

Do You Think “Cause Marketing” Can Really Make a Difference?

Today’s entry on “Magic Neighbors” takes a look at the steps to create “Cause Marketing” which is a form of promoting that strives to make a difference in communities. My mission for years has been to make a difference by helping businesses to make a difference. And in many instances, this has worked out very well. And now here we are, all magic neighbors on the World Wide Web. How about you, neighbor? What will you do today on this fine Cyber Monday? Will you find something you do not really need but will buy it anyway? I know I will!

Do What You Love But Make Sure You Have Access to that Niche

Do What You Love or What Sells?

Doing what I love rather than what sells, definitely inspired me to head east, leaving behind the state where I was born. Back in 1988 I escaped from the clutches of Hollyweird and relocated across the country to the Big Apple. And I have not looked back since. From the very beginning I felt empowered by New York City, which I found to be a place that you could tangibly “do something.” It is a city of less talk and more action. The message and vibe I got from “The City” was “NYC Create,” meaning that NYC truly wants you to create, as well as to help friends create too.

Surround Yourself with Your Fave Crowd

If you are like me, you are constantly updating your knowledge about evolving subject matters that you are interested in. I make a point to always be learning. That’s why I got my B.A. at a SUNY and my M.A. at a CUNY while in my 50s. As of writing this I am still in my 50s and still holding education up high. And it is my commitment to gaining and sharing knowledge that lead to NYC Workshops.

Keep in Touch with Your Niche

One topic that I am always exploring further is “niches.” Niches are very specific groups that you can promote to. Some say go for an existing hungry market, while others recommend that you pursue your passion. Of course the obvious solution is to pursue your passion as well as know how to reach others who share your same interest.

Get to Know Others Who Share Your Interest

Why? Because you will be able to interact with like minded individuals, while simultaneously will have a niche that matches the kind of products or services you have to offer. The key is not to “sell” (because who likes to be aggressively sold to?) but instead, especially if you are an expert in your passion, you will gradually be revealing who you are and what you know, such that those interested will contact you.

Update for Those of You Who Know about My Friend Who Lost a New Business Just One Month in.

The good news is that my friend has decided to do the “Creative but Broke” 9 step strategy. I even told him about its name being “Creative but Broke” and he thought that was funny (thank goodness). But I do not have any real updates to give to you regarding what industry he is intending to use it with, or what his specific goal is. If he tells me more details and gives the thumbs up, I will let you know more later.

I Hope the Strategy Proves to be Useful to Him

The strategy I developed (and that is still a work-in-progress), has to do with finding, or rather creating, a state of being and circumstance that makes it easy to use your creativity to make money. I know, it sounds like one of those “get rich quick” things that do not have much in the way of substance. That said, I truly believe that with the right focus you can realize your dreams.

What do You Need Most to Make it? is it “Creativity or Hustle?”

What is most important to have going for you to succeed? Which would you choose? Creativity or hustle? Do you want to be successful, in a kind of money and fame way? Or are you searching for others who are at the opposite end of the spectrum? We are talking about groups of people who have very little in terms of material possessions, yet are some of the happiest humans on Planet Earth. Creativity or hustle? Let’s end with a look at lyrics from the song “U Don’t Know.”

I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in Hell,
I am a hustler, baby, I’ll sell water to a well.



To all you emerging entrepreneurs out there, don’t forget about doing what you love but making sure that you have access to that niche.

Three Websites that in Parallel Time are Collaborating with Us on an Educational Digital Product Creation Process & Experiment

Blog Feedback

First off, thank you to those of you who have been in touch regarding this site and giving me helpful feedback. You are correct, this “blog” has been up for a pretty long time and as such deserves having written copy added more often.

Day #4 of the 5 Day Workflow Testing Process

The exciting news is that the repurposing and parallel creation approach is coming along nicely, and this is the 4th Day of 5 that is being tested out. Yesterday was a rushed procedure that ultimately lead to the realization that too many tasks had been allotted. Some of the tasks though, that were allotted for today, simply will not be able to be completed either. Now being in the thick of it I am finding that being able to gage the relationship between time and tasks has gotten a little easier.

Do any of you out there use systems and methodologies for your workflow and creation process?

Sites of the Blog Coalition that updated their content simultaneously with us today are taking on various explorations in conjunction with Educational Digital Product Creation.

Collaborating with Three Blogs

The three blogs we are working with at the moment are “Art Gush” looking at the question “Is Marketing an Art?” as well as “USA Online Business” examining the query “What is the Best Way to Promote Your Business?” and finally “Video Film Web” working toward uncovering “New Ways to Use Video Marketing.” Keep in mind that these posts are not really much in the way of “How Tos” but are participating “off stage” so to speak with the Educational Digital Product Creation process.