Yianni Stamas Finally Updates His Blog


I am calling this blog post “Yianni Stamas Finally Updates His Blog” because I am in fact finally updating my blog. My only excuse is that thus far this has been a very busy year including getting my Master’s Degree in Arts Administration so that I can better serve my clients. And yes, I even went through the graduation commencement.

Start it Today

My message of this entry is that I encourage everyone to take a risk and do that project you’ve always wanted to do. Life is too short to not pursue your “American Dream.” I know it sounds hokey but my American Dream truly is helping you to achieve your American Dream. I am very fortunate to have a profession that allows my to help others realize their aspirations.

In Memory Of

On a sadder note, a very good friend of mine passed away two weeks ago. I was stunned and heartbroken to hear the news. I had spoken to him the day before he went into the hospital where he ultimately died. He was taken from us too soon and was a highly intelligent and kind person who lived a life with meaning. I learned a lot from him and miss him dearly.

Clash of the Age Groups

What’s the Talk All About?

So there’s been a lot of confusion about the above image in the context of a recent blog entry on the ArtisticPreneur.com website. People were unclear about which two age groups the ice fist and the fire fist represented. It’s actually any two age groups that you like. Especially one group that’s becoming ice and the new one that is fire.

Handing the Torch Over

For example, there’s been a lot of discussion lately about Gen X-ers giving the mantle over to the Millennials. The question is whether or not it is being done willingly or begrudgingly. Let’s face it, it’s hard no longer being the “cool” ones as new talent emerges. Even the use of the word “cool” is not necessarily “cool” or maybe it is because it’s so clearly “uncool.”

An Exploration of Niche

Anyway, the article was created because ArtisticPreneur.com is looking into the late end Gen X tribe and the early end Baby Boomers as possible clients for a promotional product they’re developing. The Marketing Coalition that will probably be the actual ones implementing the digital tools are ironically mostly Millennials.

Digital Downloads Feedback Needed

Digital Downloads

Hello ArtisticPreneurs. At this point we’re curious to get your feedback on the idea of putting online a Digital Download System to make our eBook available. Would you find this useful from the standpoint of being interested in creating a system yourself? Please read more on the topic below.

Finally? is It Possible?

We here at ArtisticPreneur Central are in the process of finally making available our PDF eBook “Exclusively for ArtisticPreneurs: How to Get More New Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.” The irony of the situation is that this info packed guide has actually been ready for publication for quite some time. It’s just that the final leg of the journey has been getting in the way. The challenge has been creating the store and then uploading the product.

Getting it Done

Why is it taking so long to do this? Between family, school and work there is just no time. It’s a constant go-go-go. You see, this digital product does not fall under the category of “Doing Work for Clients” so it gets put on the back burner again and again. Though, the eBook represents taking things to the next level in terms of ArtisticPreneurship so we want to get it done.

PowerPoint to PDF eBook

What is the product all about? It’s actually a detailed PowerPoint presentation that we presented at one of New York’s universities in front of an advanced entertainment class. The presentation went well and actually went more than an hour overtime because there were so many enthusiastic questions from the students.

Releasing it at “No Cost” is Planned for its Future

It is likely the product will be offered eventually for free as an incentive to get people to subscribe to our ArtisticPreneur.com Newsletter. Once signing up for the newsletter the subscriber will automatically be sent a link that will allow her or him to download the eBook. When we do go gratis with this digital product we will of course also make it available to all of our existing email subscribers.

Digital Download Online Store as Demo

We’ve been asked if the service of creating a digital download system will ever be available to our digital marketing clients? It’s very possible if there’s enough of a demand for it. I would think that it is an area there would be interest because a lot of ArtisticPreneurs (both artists of all kinds as well as creative owners of small businesses) these days are looking for online methods to sell their PDF eBooks, MP4 movies, WAV music and so forth. And combined with sending targeted traffic to the store, it could create for the ArtisticPreneur a viable income stream.

It’s Like the Song

So in a way getting the ArtisticPreneur eBook available for purchase (for a very low amount) can act as a kind of demonstration of what we are capable of doing for our clients. Of course it all comes down to WHEN is this going to happen? I’ve been so intent on writing this blog post today that I’ve used up all the time I would have had to dedicate to actually getting the store started. As Alanis Morissette used to sing: “Isn’t it Ironic…” again!

What’s it Going to Take?

Like I said. If there was demand for having your own online digital download store for your digital products it might act as a motivator. Not meaning that those who show an interest are committed to doing it. It’s just that getting some feedback from our audience of ArtisticPreneurs regarding if there is interest or not would be helpful.

We Take Our Direction from You

Getting feedback from subscribers and readers could lead to the store being created faster. Again, not putting pressure on you. Just letting us know whether you think it is a good idea or not would be greatly appreciated and would inevitably lead to faster action. Action that includes making the eBook initially available to consumers and then eventually as free download product. This would create a functioning demo that everyone could look at. So what do you think ArtisticPreneurs? Does any of this seem like something worth doing?

How Not to Be a Starving Artist

ArtisticPreneur Circle

ArtisticPreneurs are a part of an online community which means there exists the possibility of digital collaboration from any part of the world! There’s no need to be a “starving artist” with all the support that’s available on the web!

Why Be a Starving Artist, When You Can be an ArtisticPreneur Instead?

A lot’s been written about The ArtisticPreneur Movement. A forward marching cause that is deconstructing the inquiry “Is it mandatory for artists of all kinds to starve?” Or to flip it around, “Must people in business never be artists?”

Thankfully ArtisticPreneur.com is at the vortex of nothing short of – what some call – a revolution. Or a less grandiose way to put it is that the concept of becoming an ArtisticPreneur is definitely gaining traction for both sides of the fence: Artists Who Also Want to Be Entrepreneurs, as well as, Entrepreneurs Who Also Want to Be Artists.”

An eBook Has Been Completed, We Now Just Need to Get it Online

As some of you know, we’ve been putting together an eBook to be called something along the lines of “For ArtisticPreneurs Only: How to Get More Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.” The book was originally in the form of a PowerPoint presentation that we did live at a summit event at State University of New York, Empire State College. This excerpt taken from the Art Gush website describes the process:

“The PowerPoint files we use (that get converted to eBooks) are ones that were actually part of live and online presentations that were done for Universities, Colleges and other Educational Institutions and Organizations. That’s why we like to say that our eBooks are “Student Tested.”

To Be an ArtisticPreneur You Do Need to Celebify Yourself to a Certain Extent

So we’ve defined what an ArtisticPreneur is as well have looked at educational tracks in the form of eBooks, so the next step to explore is what we sometimes call “Celebify.” To Celebify yourself simply means to make yourself more visible online which if done correctly can result in getting more customers, clients and fans. Here’s more from the ArtisticPreneur.com blog:

“As ArtisticPreneurs we really could use something simple and fast acting that would facilitate us being able to place our products, services and artistic talent in front of our ideal customers, clients or fans. And thanks to the Internet, Digital Marketing has offered us some pretty remarkable solutions in this regard.”

My Late Great Idol Gives a Few Marketing Points

The next step is to learn from the masters. One such individual is the late Harry Houdini. When you study every aspect of his career, you soon learn that a through line of his self promotion strategy was to do things that were “Newsworthy.” This same kind of concept is used in publicity and marketing today. Here’s an excerpt from ManhattanMagician.com:

“One of the ways that Houdini would bolster his publicity would be to escape from a straight jacket while hanging upside down in the middle of the town square of whatever city he was currently performing in. These publicity stunts would draw a large crowd and newspaper coverage, providing an opportunity to let others know that they could come see the escape artist live and in person at a local theater.”

Become an Award Winner – Nominate Yourself for a Platinum PIA

If you’re one of those people who has both a creative career and a mission to make a difference, then the Platinum PIAs could be right up your alley. The Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for ArtisticPreneurs recognizes ArtisticPreneurs who are making a difference in their communities and around the world. And if you know such a person, please nominate her or him, or if you are that person, please nominate yourself! There’s nothing wrong with nominating yourself. As we like to say, successful people nominate themselves (metaphorically speaking) every waking hour of their lives! Here’s an excerpt from the PIAs site:

“Of course there is no guarantee of this being the result but remember that the P, I and A in PIA stand for Public Internet Artist. And artists become more public when they utilize methods for gaining exposure to potentially be noticed by Platinum PIA judges.”

Promotional Opportunities if You’re an ArtisticPreneur Super Hero

Here’s an opportunity to become a guest blogger or interviewee on one or more popular blogs that are seeking experts who have knowledge that will help ArtisticPreneurs themselves. You can even be an ArtisticPreneur yourself, it’s just that for the purpose of being a guest blogger or interviewee we’re looking for useful info for our ArtisticPreneur audience. Here’s how, if you’re an ArtisticPreneur Super Hero, you can contact us about appearing on a blog or blogs:

“Are you an ArtisticPreneur Super Hero? If so we’d love to hear from you since we’re always looking for guest bloggers. If you’d like to get in touch with us, feel free to input your information into our contact form. Be sure to provide details about why you’re contacting us.”


If you’re an artistic person who wants to be more entrepreneurial or an entrepreneur who wants to be more artistic, consider becoming an ArtisticPreneur. There are a lot of tools out there to help you create a productive and effective journey for yourself. Create your own opportunities. Don’t wait around for someone to give you permission to move forward. Because why be a starving artist when you can be an ArtisticPreneur instead?!

Thrillumentary Gets Some Blog Coverage Publicity


The ArtisticPreneur Movement gets behind “Thrillumentary.”

You may have heard about the movie process project called “Thrillumentary” that was done over the course of a 1 1/2 year span both exploring the DocuMystery genre as well as taking a look the filmmaking process itself.

Well it appears that “Thrilllumentary” has gotten some blog coverage publicity on both the Movie Process and DocuMystery websites.

It’s nice to see members of the ArtisticPreneur Community supporting each other.

Attention Harry Potter Fans

Harry Potter Fan Club NYC

Are two really better than one? SpaceMan at Harry Potter Fan Club NYC seems to think so.

It looks like SpaceMan (yes he moves “Space” and “Man” together like that) of Harry Potter Fan Club NYC is at it again. This time he’s talking about a special magic double feature that’s happening in New York City as we speak. I have to admit that after reading SpaceMan’s post I’m interested this 2 times the fun experience. Let’s face it, we live in a pretty wacky world at the moment so it’s nice to have alternatives to put our focus on. Let me know if any of you go. I’d be curious to hear your feedback. Apparently one aspect of this shindig will be ending as of September 16 so if you’d like to attend both it would probably be a good I idea to go in the near future. Keep me posted. Thanks.

The Many Hats of Yianni Stamas – Can You Relate?

How does ArtisticPreneur John Yianni Stamas juggle 25 hats? Do you juggle too many hats? Tell us your story.

How does ArtisticPreneur John Yianni Stamas juggle 25 hats? Do you also  juggle too many hats? Tell us your story.

Too Many Hats – Does This Sound Like You?

The following post takes a look at ArtisticPreneur Yianni Stamas and the overload of hats he’s worn over the years. Maybe you can relate? If so we’d love to hear from you. What’s your story? Feel free to leave us a message through the Lights Camera Read contact form here.

Magic, Magic and Magic

Have you ever been asked the question “What do you do?” and didn’t know exactly how to answer? That’s exactly what has happened to Yianni Stamas since he was age 18. Whereas from 8 to 18 describing what he did was easy. He was a semi-pro magician who was hired to perform at birthday parties, club gatherings, schools and so forth. Magic was his part time job as a kid through to being a teen. And during this phase of being a conjurer he planned on eventually making legerdemain his full time career. But that dream changed at 18 as well will soon see.

IMDB Takes a Stab at Defining

Are you on IMDB? Do you feel pigeonholed by the site’s definition of what you do? Yianni Stamas is described on IMDB as being a Writer/Producer/Editor/Publicist which is true. But Stamas prefers to be defined by his “day job” of freelancer that consists of being a Video Producer, Web Designer, Digital Marketer, Blogger and Digital Consultant. Or to put it more simply: ArtisticPreneur. Do you, as is the case with Yianni, suffer from Multi-Hats-Itis? Then you too might consider donning the singular cap of ArtisticPreneur.

The Early 80’s

Were you alive in the 1980’s? If so then you know the pull from music videos to get involved in pop music. But this posed a problem for Yianni in the early ’80’s when he was offered a filmmaking apprenticeship at a major movie studio in Hollywood which he accepted and did for three years. This period is when things got confusing. He was studying filmmaking but he also started to dabble in being in rock bands. Four in all in a chronology throughout the ’80’s which consisted of “Johnny Rave and the Lips,” “Mog and his Hoods,” “Y” and finally “IYB.” Doing this muddied the waters because he was now torn between film and music. Was he a filmmaker or musician or neither?

The Forming of the Yianni Stamas Blog

In 2011 Yianni formed the blog you are reading right now. Do you have a blog? What prompted you to start your blog? Stamas’ reason for doing so was threefold. (1) He wanted to have a place to explore world issues and possible solutions. (2) He desired to have a venue to write about digital marketing in the hopes of helping his clients. And (3) He figured having a blog would assist him in deciding which hat was most important to him.

Adding Yet Another Hat with the Formation of Lights Camera Read

Although it wasn’t officially recognized as a nonprofit sponsored organization until 2014, Stamas started Lights Camera Read in 2009 to produce the Platinum PIAs Awards (to recognize ArtisticPreneurs making a difference) which has occurred annually both online and off since 2010 in New York City. Are you an ArtisticPreneur who is making a difference in your community and maybe even around the globe? Then please nominate yourself or others to be in the running for receiving a PIA.

Lights Camera Read was also created to facilitate community events in Inwood, Manhattan including a kids parade and a Winter Festival as well as magic shows (with a storyline) for kids at the New York Public Library featuring Stamas’ theater company Magic Neighbors. Also, doing shows at the library opened door to Yianni being hired to do DigiComArts (Digital Communication Arts) workshops there with librarian and author Rodger Taylor that consisted of teaching media and writing to teens and young adults

Did this clear up which hat to wear for Yianni? Not at all. It only added more hats including Artistic Director, Awards Show Producer, Inwood Manhattan Advocate, Theater Company Director and Educator.

The Educator Gets a SUNY and CUNY Education Thereby Adding Another Hat

The next hat for Yianni Stamas was that of Student. He was seeking more legitimacy in academic circles so first off he got a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media Entrepreneurship and then, as of this writing, will soon be finished with his Master’s Degree in Arts Management.

And Yes, Still Another Hat

From 2001 to 2013 Stamas successfully ran a company in midtown Manhattan called Video Film Web. The clients included actors who you would recognize from film, TV and the Broadway Stage as well as nonprofit organizations including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the New York Public Library and the NYC Department of Education. Although since 2013 Video Film Web stopped taking on new clients, the website is still up for archiving purposes and as a point of contact for digital freelancers. Oh. And needless to say, this experience lead to Yianni putting on yet another hat: Business Owner

What to Do About All These Hats?

Have you been counting all of Yianni Stamas’ hats as we go? There are 20 thus far which include Magician, Writer, Producer, Editor, Publicist, Video Producer, Web Designer, Digital Marketer, Blogger, Digital Consultant, ArtisticPreneur, Filmmaker, Musician, Artistic Director, Awards Show Producer, Inwood Manhattan Advocate, Theater Company Director, Educator, Student and Business Owner.

Do the hats stop now for Yianni? No, there are even more of them. For example in addition to being a Blogger for this blog he is also a Blog Manager of several blogs which feature guest bloggers and interviewees. And it doesn’t stop there. Stamas additionally is a Juggler who can juggle three balls while riding a unicycle (for real). But “juggling” all of these hats and projects has gotten so exhausting for him, that he has decided define all these hats together as one, single moniker: the earlier spoken about ArtisticPreneur. He also suggests that small business owners and artists of any kind, consider describing themselves as being ArtisticPreneurs also. The term is empowering and makes things so much more simple. You can find out more information on how to become an ArtisticPreneur here.

The Two Most Important Hats

So many hats. So little time. That’s why Yianni is clear about what his two most important hats are. The first most important hat (since 2008) is that of Father. And the other most important hat (since 2001), is that of Husband.

How to Contact Us

And in closing we’d like to remind you that you can reach us through the Lights Camera Read site which is also where you can nominate yourself or someone you know for a Platinum PIA.

The Manhattan Magician Joins The Society of American Magicians

Houdini's Gravestone Located in Queens, NY has on it the Logo of the Society of American Magicians

Houdini’s Gravestone Located in Queens, NY has on it the Logo of the Society of American Magicians

It’s official. The Manhattan Magician has joined the Society of American Magicians. The Society of American Magicians has many assemblies (chapters) all over the nation, but there is an important one located right here in New York, NY. which is where the Manhattan Magician calls home. It is assembly 001 because it is the first S.A.M. chapter – established on May 10, 1902 – and is therefore the initial place where famous magicians would gather. In fact, a long time president of this “parent” assembly was Harry Houdini himself as seen on the website ManhattanMagician.com. Being president of the S.A.M. parent assembly was so important to Houdini that as can be seen in the image there is included on his gravestone the logo of the Society of American Magicians.

The reason that the Manhattan Magician decided to become a part S.A.M. and will be attending meetings at magicsampa1.com is because he still has the magic bug. Also, magic for M.M. was an important training ground in the arts that provided building blocks for what eventually became his primary career. Magicians wear many hats including being producers, writers, directors and performers all in one because they implement these theatrical jobs when they stage a magic show. And now, please find below the Manhattan Magician’s bio that played a part in him gaining acceptance to the Society of American Magicians.

NYC Create Helps Artists

We recently told you about the new website NYC Create. NYC Create helps artists. Here’s how. NYC Create assists artists of all kinds – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – in promoting themselves, building their audience and ultimately monetizing their art. The artist of today also needs to be a business person, hence the term artisticpreneur. When you become an artisticpreneur you can get results for your creative career. The artist of today doesn’t have the luxury of not exploring the entrepreneurial aspect of her or his craft. Plus, for an artist to be most effective as a member of society she or he should consider making a difference in her or his community and around the world. And speaking of making a difference, the Platinum PIAs Community Awards Show for Artists (making a difference in their communities) recently announced their winners for this year. This year is the first time in Platinum PIAs history that the awards show was done internet-only rather than doing it live in venues such as De Niro’s Tribeca Screening Room and the Downtown Community Television Center. For more details check out NYC Create.