how did Houdini die? was he the world’s greatest marketer even in death?

There is much speculation about the question how did Houdini die? There are many versions of his death. While alive Houdini was known for re-authoring his life in preparation for posterity as well as to help with his current publicity campaigns. So it makes sense that he would even have anticipated his death. He in fact, after his death, publicized through his wife Bessie with the prior arrangement of her trying to communicate with him from beyond. There are still well publicized seances every Halloween in which magicians and others attempt to contact Harry Houdini from beyond the grave. He died on Halloween in 1926 – a date so perfect it almost seems like part of a marketing campaign!

Dramatics NYC in discussions to again sponsor the Platinum Pias

Dramatics NYC, Manhattan’s most successful salon chain with 9 locations throughout the city, is in discussion to yet again sponsor the Platinum Pias Awards. Dramatics was a sponsor last year and with hair stylists who are members of the fashion and community organization Stylists for Literacy, it makes for a good fit due to the fact that much work has been done this year with the New York Public Library’s Lights Camera Read Literacy Program.

Additionally, Video Film Web Studios is talking with Harliquin “Harley” Merva about again directing the extravaganza. The concept for the program, targeted this year for a possible Harvest Festival NYC launch date, will have something to do with acknowledging those who have “given back” to the community.