Three Websites that in Parallel Time are Collaborating with Us on an Educational Digital Product Creation Process & Experiment

Blog Feedback

First off, thank you to those of you who have been in touch regarding this site and giving me helpful feedback. You are correct, this “blog” has been up for a pretty long time and as such deserves having written copy added more often.

Day #4 of the 5 Day Workflow Testing Process

The exciting news is that the repurposing and parallel creation approach is coming along nicely, and this is the 4th Day of 5 that is being tested out. Yesterday was a rushed procedure that ultimately lead to the realization that too many tasks had been allotted. Some of the tasks though, that were allotted for today, simply will not be able to be completed either. Now being in the thick of it I am finding that being able to gage the relationship between time and tasks has gotten a little easier.

Do any of you out there use systems and methodologies for your workflow and creation process?

Sites of the Blog Coalition that updated their content simultaneously with us today are taking on various explorations in conjunction with Educational Digital Product Creation.

Collaborating with Three Blogs

The three blogs we are working with at the moment are “Art Gush” looking at the question “Is Marketing an Art?” as well as “USA Online Business” examining the query “What is the Best Way to Promote Your Business?” and finally “Video Film Web” working toward uncovering “New Ways to Use Video Marketing.” Keep in mind that these posts are not really much in the way of “How Tos” but are participating “off stage” so to speak with the Educational Digital Product Creation process.