In the Midst of COVID, Comes Gun Violence in New York City, which is the Problem of All New Yorkers

COVID Still Reigning Over Us Comes the Heartbreaking Tragedy of Police Officers Passing

Statistics that are Out of Control as Lives are Taken

Gun violence in New York City is at an all-time high. In fact, literally around the corner from where I live with my family, on pretty much a weekly basis, we hear of shootings that often lead to deaths.

Lives Taken, tragically is Business as Usual

Unfortunately, when the gunfire that happened on Friday took the lives of two police officers, I am sad to say that in our community, which is just a few subways stops away, was yet another home-grown homicide.

The Shootings Triggered involvement of the Blog Coalition Site

We have not heard from the main Blog Coalition overview website, though, coverage by this coalition journal’s participating sites has been happening, just not documented. I am involved with these sites, helping with content creation and such. In addition to the Blog Coalition, other blogs that are mentioned in B.C.’s latest post include Save NYC Together, USA Make a Difference and the return of Manhattan Coronavirus, which is the site that documented the pandemic daily for the first one hundred days.

Lives of Police Officers Taken

This recent shooting got more attention than many of the others because it solidified the extreme nature of what is happening in our dear city. The first officer to pass was only 22 years old and at the start of his career as a police officer, a position he took because of his desire to make a difference in the upper Manhattan community. The other officer was hospital and eventually passed also.

Pain into Purpose

Our new mayor, Eric Adams, is a former police officer. He pledges that he will “turn pain into purpose.” We’ll see…