Cyber Monday, Do You Not Need It but Want to Buy It Today in 2021? Plus, Community Reflections…

Remembering “Magic Neighbors” on a Cyber Day

I have been trying for much of the day today, to finish writing a post for the Magic Neighbors blog, but I keep getting distracted by falling into the Cyber Monday void. The statistics for today won’t come out until a little later, but it will be interesting to see what the outcome is on this Cyber Monday, 2021. I don’t know about about you, but for me this year has whipped by too quickly. Even with COVID and its Variants, as was sung in Rocky Horror “Time is fleeting.” And now I officially understand that phrase I have heard parents say over the years which is “They grow up too fast.” It is true.

C.M. Begins

What’s the deal with Cyber Monday? I guess the operative word is just that: “deal.” Online deals specifically. And for many, a big deal. How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was good. Family and all that. And now on C.M. I find it fascinating that it has been around for more than one and a half decades. Makes sense that it was started in 2005 by the NRF (National Retail Federation). The mission from the very beginning was to get more people to make purchases online. There are millions of members who are a part of this organization. And FYI, in just last year alone, the company processed 10.7 billion in sales Have you made any eCommerce purchases today motivated by what the day offers in terms of price slashing and such?

Reflecting on a Community Traveling Theater Troupe

I have to leave in a bit and make some changes on a post for one of the the Blog Coalition sites called “Magic Neighbors.” Currently that blog only dates back to 2018. But in reality, it was started way before that. Unfortunately, though, during the process of upgrading the website, much of the original content from the early years was lost. Regardless, it is still a blog that is very nostalgic for me because it brings back happy memories of a fun period during which we called ourselve “The Magic Neighbors Performing Arts Troupe of Magic and Storytelling,”

A Cast of Actors, Puppeteers and Magicians that Traveled from NYPL Branch to Branch Via NYC Subways and Busses

We would go from New York Public Library branch to another, with lots of magic props and puppets that we used to perform in front of family audiences throughout Manhattan and the Bronx, NYC. There was a lot to carry on the subway. In fact, we even brought our own big red velvet curtain on a stand that would be behind us as we performed. Thankfully, the company consisted of several performers, so we would each carry a portion of what we needed in order to do the shows.

Community Online and Off

I remember way back to the early 90’s when I first started to make websites, it became exceedingly clear that “community” could be online also. During that period, I was filming a very primitive weekly journal in my Hell’s Kitchen apartment and in the streets of New York. I really got to know the city and gained insight into the power of neighborhoods, not just in Manhattan but in other boroughs as well.

Media and Meaning

I’ve had a lot of multimedia adventures over the years since coming to New York from L.A. in 1988. And now on this day of deals, some of us want to buy something, anything, just to get the benefits and savings of a promotion, even though we may not need what is being sold. Selling has been a dimension of my sometimes job of being a marketer over the years. And, ironically, I was raised by “Hippie” parents who thought TV ads and advertising of any kind were evil.

Are Your Neighbors Magic?

I am happy to see that in the present, an advertising trend that some businesses are embracing is one in which attention is focused on neighborhoods and communities. And speaking of neighbors, I have to get back to working on that piece I mentioned earlier, which is for the Magic Neighbors site that I will actually post later today. Unfortunately, “Magic Neighbors” is not updated as much I would like it to be.

Do You Think “Cause Marketing” Can Really Make a Difference?

Today’s entry on “Magic Neighbors” takes a look at the steps to create “Cause Marketing” which is a form of promoting that strives to make a difference in communities. My mission for years has been to make a difference by helping businesses to make a difference. And in many instances, this has worked out very well. And now here we are, all magic neighbors on the World Wide Web. How about you, neighbor? What will you do today on this fine Cyber Monday? Will you find something you do not really need but will buy it anyway? I know I will!