Technology is Your Friend?


If you are like many people who use technology a lot, chances are that you get a phishing attempt every other day or so. There so many cunning and insidious ways that technology can be used against you, as well as it being a tool for inspiration.

The Good of Technology

We try to have our focus on the “good” or technology, because even after all these years of being attacked and bumping our head against walls, there is still a little bit of idealism present.

Take a Chance

We’ve talked about idealism before. It is something that is necessary to create and yet these days it is in short supply. Not that there aren’t a lot of people who still have it present within them, it’s the acting on it that is the problem. One can feel something positive but never externalize it. Hopefully we’ll all take chances with it because the world today needs it badly.

Zoom is the New Lens

Tool of Choice

Who would have thought Zoom would have taken off in the way it has, with fuel on the fire by the Lockdown of COVID-19. People need now, more than ever, to communicate with each other, and it seems that Zoom is the tool of choice.

Staying in Touch

I know people who use Zoom either to attend distance learning or teach it. I am the member of a club that uses it. My family and I use it regularly to stay in touch with relatives.

What do You Use?

Do you use Zoom? Or do you employ another communication means? We’d love to know.