We’re Finally Able to Talk About It!

An Exclusive Venture

At YianniStamas.com we are working with VideoFilmWeb.com to develop a new promotional project that combines the best of classic marketing with some really cool new ideas, possibly not done anywhere else.

Just 5 Steps Away from Completion

So lately we’ve been very focused on that because we can’t wait for the campaign system to be completed so we can put it to work and test it. Though, standing in the way of its completion are 5 tasks that need to be accomplished. Art Gush has wisely advised us to wait until everything is ready.

The Big Apple and its Uniqueness

We know that VideoFilmWeb is a bit gun shy about taking on marketing projects again because they have closed down most aspects of the business, but they also know that they have a unique perspective, having operated in NYC for 12 years, and picking up the oddities of the Manhattan culture.

Announcing Our Strategy

And thus the undertaking continues, being blocked only by 5 very attainable things that psychological are getting in the way. So here’s what our strategy is going to be. We’re going to wait. Some strategy, huh? In truth it can in some circumstances be the best way to go. Art Gush is good at helping us put on the brakes.

I’m Ready for Some Shut-Eye!

Some of you may be wondering what this endeavor we are doing with VFW is all about. The simplest way to describe it is that it is a marketing system that has the potential to work on its own, literally growing your business as you sleep!

A Group Mind Can Sometimes Help

So now that you know, you can see why we’re excited about getting it completed and out there working. We had a group call with VideoFilmWeb and some of the other collaborators and technicians regarding the question of “What is it going to take to finish this?”

Keep Your Chin Up!

The most obvious answer is to do the 5 tasks, but when we introduced that question it was brushed off. And yet we at Y.E.S. continue to be optimistic!