New York Barber Chairs

I have a new nominee for “Best Media Personality Pia” which is Alan Lipman of Mr. Beauty. His cinema verite videos have been getting a lot of attention lately. He is kind of like a 20/20 review reporter for beauty equipment. His latest video is featured in an article in New York Barber Chairs Magazine.

groupon type offers

Something I get asked about sometimes as an internet media marketing consultant are Groupon type offers and if they are worth doing in terms of getting new business. One of the reasons that some businesses shy away from them is the worry that they will take too big of a hit from the discounts they will have to give. Additionally, their concerns are that the potential clients they will attract are bargain hunters and therefore not necessarily good prospects for retention.

On the flip side, the benefits of doing a Groupon type offer include building visibility as well as introducing totally new people to your business. One thought when deciding “to Groupon or not to Groupon” is to look at the offer you are considering presenting and its potential for upsell. Also, if you are in a service business with multiple employees, you could set up contests for rebookings. In the final analysis, taking calculated risks when trying new marketing campaigns is always a good thing. Because if something does not measure up to expectation, you can always not do it again.

why be a media personality?

Being a media personality is not for everyone. There is a loss of privacy for one thing. But there are also benefits. When you are a media personality, a known entity in the media, you are able to open some doors that would otherwise remain closed. Ultimately it is up to the individual pursuing a career or business which approach he or she would like to take.

picking a product

Picking a product to promote is a tall order and must be considered carefully. Hi everyone, hope you had a great holiday. If you’re like a lot of people you might have spent additional funds during this festive season. You might now be considering looking to the internet as a source of revenue. A popular and effective way of generating commerce is through helping to direct traffic online to a product you believe in.

Beauty is just one of the industries

Beauty is just one of the industries that can benefit from the Web Dream Job system. Beauty is an industry I have had the privilege of providing marketing consultation for. In fact, as I was writing this entry I received a phone call asking for strategy input on a current hair fashion promotion. Beauty, like any other industry, benefits from niche specific reach on the internet. When you know who your customer is and how they will be searching for you online, then it is just a matter of devising the plan for being who he or she finds when inserting keywords into the search engine.

How to Celebify Your Life

What does it mean to celebify your life? To celebify means to celebrate the people in your life. As I enter this new phase of my life, I am very appreciative to know many wonderful people.

This feeling or impulse of being grateful for knowing terrific people is the process of celebification.  How do you celebify? It’s as simple as letting the people in your life know how you feel.

I was fortunate yesterday in briefly seeing a friend who I’ve known for over 30 years. He was here in New York. It was wonderful to see him and trade stories of the past as well as hear about the new things in his life.

Employment is a Process

I have a lot of friends involved either directly or indirectly in the world of education. And one of the topics we talk about often is the preparedness of the educational process to equip someone to succeed in the world of employment. The search for the silver bullet has yet to be found but a consistent idea that arises is that employment is a process. A process that you need to live and breath in and not allow yourself to get stuck in. As much of a cliche as it may be, the concept is that you keep moving forward, motivated as much as possible in what you are interested in.  You do this in conjunction with always being squarely on track with a sense of clarity about how you are a solution provider. This is where you need to self promote. Self promoting for some can be hard, especially for those who are humble or shy. But you need to do it. They don’t know if you don’t tell them. Chances are that you have many resources and areas of opportunity that if you told people about could open doors for you. And don’t worry about instant results because remember…employment is a process.

NYC AIM of Video Film Web Studios

The NYC AIM of Video Film Web Studios is to become one the facilities designated for students teaching students.

Media plays a very important role in NYC AIM (New York City Apprenticeships in Media). And the media tools of video, film and web  will be helpful to the NYC AIM educational process. The aim of NYC AIM is that while helping the individual to promote him or herself to achieve his or her goals and objectives, a pathway is also available to starting an online business.

The Meaning of PIA

Now in its third year, as the founder of the Platinum Pias Awards I sometimes get asked why PIA? Does PIA stand for something? Yes, PIA is an acronym. A PIA is awarded for outstanding achievement in building communication. And many of the nominees annually are communicators and achievers in various vocations. For example, there is an article on hair stylists and their management who have been nominated for PIAs. So what does the acronym stand for? Public Internet Artist.

Media Marketing Club

The Media Marketing Club was formed to have a group that focuses on specific projects while exploring the art and science of digital communication arts. The group was formed by the apprentices of our studio.