Platinum Pias Awards Announce Nominees

There is lots of excitement at Lights Camera Read central today because yesterday the nominees were announced for the 8th Annual (2017) Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists.

It seems the 2017 Awards (on March 20th at DCTV) are going to consist of all artists. From this point moving forward the emphasis will be on artists who are making a difference in their NYC communities and internationally.

Congratulation Lights Camera Read team on your new direction!

Platinum Pias Date Has Been Set for 2017

For those of you who have been communicating with us wondering about the next Pias, the date has been set for the 8th Annual Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Artists.

It’s incredible that the new year is nearly upon us and we are busy already preparing for the 2017 Platinum Pias.

One of the things we are excited about this year is that a brief window into the evolution of the “Thrillumentary” feature film project will be given at the Pias ceremony. Also, snippets of the Thrillumentary International Band’s music will be heard in the background of the video portions of the ceremony.

As we did last year, the video portions will introduce the live sections of the Platinum Pias Crystal Triangles being presented by the judges.


Lights Camera Read on Art Gush Digital Filmmaking

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, Lights Camera Read has developed a new educational program called the Art Gush Digital Filmmaking Method.

The program provides an easier system for creating a feature film thriller that is taught through weekly courses that in turn are broken down into three steps a day.

Lights Camera Read is using their own mystery-thriller called “Thrillumentary” to demonstrate the process.

Although “Thrillumentary” is already in progress, meaning it is well into the development procedure, you can start at Art Gush at any time because for members the courses have been archived.

Yianni Stamas Gives Update on the Platinum Pias

With the Platinum Pias only about four months away, Yianni Stamas gave an update on them in a piece at the Lights Camera Read website. In it we learn that the Pias are already underway in development and that most of the nominations are in.

The implication seems to be that there is still room for more nominations, so if you know of an artist who is making a difference in her or his community, please put in your nomination by joining the NYC Create and ArtisticPreneur newsletter.

The Stamas post is also referenced at the Platinum Pias website itself. Get those nominations in now!