The Many Hats of Yianni Stamas – Can You Relate?

How does ArtisticPreneur John Yianni Stamas juggle 25 hats? Do you juggle too many hats? Tell us your story.

How does ArtisticPreneur John Yianni Stamas juggle 25 hats? Do you also  juggle too many hats? Tell us your story.

Too Many Hats – Does This Sound Like You?

The following post takes a look at ArtisticPreneur Yianni Stamas and the overload of hats he’s worn over the years. Maybe you can relate? If so we’d love to hear from you. What’s your story? Feel free to leave us a message through the Lights Camera Read contact form here.

Magic, Magic and Magic

Have you ever been asked the question “What do you do?” and didn’t know exactly how to answer? That’s exactly what has happened to Yianni Stamas since he was age 18. Whereas from 8 to 18 describing what he did was easy. He was a semi-pro magician who was hired to perform at birthday parties, club gatherings, schools and so forth. Magic was his part time job as a kid through to being a teen. And during this phase of being a conjurer he planned on eventually making legerdemain his full time career. But that dream changed at 18 as well will soon see.

IMDB Takes a Stab at Defining

Are you on IMDB? Do you feel pigeonholed by the site’s definition of what you do? Yianni Stamas is described on IMDB as being a Writer/Producer/Editor/Publicist which is true. But Stamas prefers to be defined by his “day job” of freelancer that consists of being a Video Producer, Web Designer, Digital Marketer, Blogger and Digital Consultant. Or to put it more simply: ArtisticPreneur. Do you, as is the case with Yianni, suffer from Multi-Hats-Itis? Then you too might consider donning the singular cap of ArtisticPreneur.

The Early 80’s

Were you alive in the 1980’s? If so then you know the pull from music videos to get involved in pop music. But this posed a problem for Yianni in the early ’80’s when he was offered a filmmaking apprenticeship at a major movie studio in Hollywood which he accepted and did for three years. This period is when things got confusing. He was studying filmmaking but he also started to dabble in being in rock bands. Four in all in a chronology throughout the ’80’s which consisted of “Johnny Rave and the Lips,” “Mog and his Hoods,” “Y” and finally “IYB.” Doing this muddied the waters because he was now torn between film and music. Was he a filmmaker or musician or neither?

The Forming of the Yianni Stamas Blog

In 2011 Yianni formed the blog you are reading right now. Do you have a blog? What prompted you to start your blog? Stamas’ reason for doing so was threefold. (1) He wanted to have a place to explore world issues and possible solutions. (2) He desired to have a venue to write about digital marketing in the hopes of helping his clients. And (3) He figured having a blog would assist him in deciding which hat was most important to him.

Adding Yet Another Hat with the Formation of Lights Camera Read

Although it wasn’t officially recognized as a nonprofit sponsored organization until 2014, Stamas started Lights Camera Read in 2009 to produce the Platinum PIAs Awards (to recognize ArtisticPreneurs making a difference) which has occurred annually both online and off since 2010 in New York City. Are you an ArtisticPreneur who is making a difference in your community and maybe even around the globe? Then please nominate yourself or others to be in the running for receiving a PIA.

Lights Camera Read was also created to facilitate community events in Inwood, Manhattan including a kids parade and a Winter Festival as well as magic shows (with a storyline) for kids at the New York Public Library featuring Stamas’ theater company Magic Neighbors. Also, doing shows at the library opened door to Yianni being hired to do DigiComArts (Digital Communication Arts) workshops there with librarian and author Rodger Taylor that consisted of teaching media and writing to teens and young adults

Did this clear up which hat to wear for Yianni? Not at all. It only added more hats including Artistic Director, Awards Show Producer, Inwood Manhattan Advocate, Theater Company Director and Educator.

The Educator Gets a SUNY and CUNY Education Thereby Adding Another Hat

The next hat for Yianni Stamas was that of Student. He was seeking more legitimacy in academic circles so first off he got a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media Entrepreneurship and then, as of this writing, will soon be finished with his Master’s Degree in Arts Management.

And Yes, Still Another Hat

From 2001 to 2013 Stamas successfully ran a company in midtown Manhattan called Video Film Web. The clients included actors who you would recognize from film, TV and the Broadway Stage as well as nonprofit organizations including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, the New York Public Library and the NYC Department of Education. Although since 2013 Video Film Web stopped taking on new clients, the website is still up for archiving purposes and as a point of contact for digital freelancers. Oh. And needless to say, this experience lead to Yianni putting on yet another hat: Business Owner

What to Do About All These Hats?

Have you been counting all of Yianni Stamas’ hats as we go? There are 20 thus far which include Magician, Writer, Producer, Editor, Publicist, Video Producer, Web Designer, Digital Marketer, Blogger, Digital Consultant, ArtisticPreneur, Filmmaker, Musician, Artistic Director, Awards Show Producer, Inwood Manhattan Advocate, Theater Company Director, Educator, Student and Business Owner.

Do the hats stop now for Yianni? No, there are even more of them. For example in addition to being a Blogger for this blog he is also a Blog Manager of several blogs which feature guest bloggers and interviewees. And it doesn’t stop there. Stamas additionally is a Juggler who can juggle three balls while riding a unicycle (for real). But “juggling” all of these hats and projects has gotten so exhausting for him, that he has decided define all these hats together as one, single moniker: the earlier spoken about ArtisticPreneur. He also suggests that small business owners and artists of any kind, consider describing themselves as being ArtisticPreneurs also. The term is empowering and makes things so much more simple. You can find out more information on how to become an ArtisticPreneur here.

The Two Most Important Hats

So many hats. So little time. That’s why Yianni is clear about what his two most important hats are. The first most important hat (since 2008) is that of Father. And the other most important hat (since 2001), is that of Husband.

How to Contact Us

And in closing we’d like to remind you that you can reach us through the Lights Camera Read site which is also where you can nominate yourself or someone you know for a Platinum PIA.