Brian Quinn is nominated by Yianni Stamas

The nominations for Best Expert PIA keep coming in. Here is another one, this time it is for an expert in the area of Immediate Wildlife Control named Brian Quinn. What is meant by the term “Immediate Wildlife Control?” It is a profession in which a person has the expertise to safely and humanely remove nuisance wildlife from people’s homes and other locations. This is a vital service, especially in the suburbs, where nuisance wildlife is a big problem.  For example a squirrel or raccoon is making noise and damaging your attic – and so forth.

Alex Corrado is Sheeting Everywhere

My regular readers know that Alex Corrado has been nominated for the 2012 National Platinum Pias Awards for his spot filmed in Milan. And now he has come out with yet another promo bursting at the seams with creativity. If you’re reading this before January 31st be sure to “like” the video on Facebook. If not, I recommend you check out the commercial anyway. It’s the Sheet!

Countdown to the Platinum PIAs Awards by Yianni Stamas

It’s official, the countdown to the Platinum PIAs awards has begun.

And first up for nomination is the host of the PIAs himself, Alex Corrado.

Alex, seen here with Tracy Di Marco of the hit Bravo TV show “Jerseylicious” has been nominated for the Best Viral Video Award. This is because his video, a commercial for Target shot in Milan Italy, has already reached over 49,000 views on YouTube.

NYC AIM high by Yianni Stamas

NYC AIM high is both the slogan for NYC AIM as well as contains the name of the curriculum.

The NYC AIM mantra and outlook starts with looking at your current situation and the environment you are in.


Reading is a big part of NYC, whether its is reading online or reading hard copy books.

Fuel for the Imagination

I believe that reading can help fuel your imagination and creativity to solidify your dreams. And as a fan of books on Global History I enjoy reading about how Europe and other regions have impacted America.

Northern NYC

For example, legend has it that Europeans came to Inwood, Manhattan back in 1626 as signified by a landmark rock in Inwood Hill Park.

The story goes that a Danish man purchased the entire island of Manhattan from Native Americans for a few trinkets.


A questionable real estate transaction indeed, but since that alleged moment many a dream in New York City has been solidified as a result.

Creative Process

I love to relax with a book during the summer, but reading is something I do all year long. And for me it’s a creative process where I form images in my head, a bit like making films or creating television.

Solidify Your Dreams

So solidify your dreams…Lights, camera, read!

Internet Publicity Training

Starting a business or embarking on a career? No matter what your dream –Internet Publicity Training can benefit you. And everything you need to know is available through searching Google.

What is Internet Publicity Training? It is the training you need to use the internet to find a job or promote a business or even become an Internet Publicist yourself so you can help others promote themselves.It’s easy if you have average computer skills and can check email.

In today’s economy and job market – including medical, financial, legal, beauty, hospitality, information technology and entertainment – anyone starting a business or embarking on a career can advance in their career by acquiring digital communication arts skills. How? Because if you have the cutting edge tools and strategies of online media marketing your chances of getting a job or starting a business are increased.

Here are some of the areas that are suggested for you to explore:

•    How to Register a Domain Name and Set Up Server Space
•    How to do Image Editing
•    How to Edit Video and Work with Sequencing
•    How to Encode and Upload Online Videos
•    How to Work with HTML Web Design Programs
•    How to Write Search Engine Optimized Copy and Target Niche Publications
•    How to Use Online Email Marketing Control Panels
•    How to Create and Implement a Web Promotion Campaign

Good luck on your self training and stay tuned to this blog for more info.

Documystery is a popular genre

Documystery is a popular genre. Entertainment Creation And Leisure Development Project – A Unique Entertainment Creation and Internet Marketing Opportunity for Small Businesses.

It all starts with a documystery. How to Make a Documystery
And Use it To Promote Your Career and Business

Documysteries are easy to make and market because they have a “reality based feel” which means they can be filmed with a small HD camcorder or cell phone. Popular documysteries include “Blair Witch Project”, “Paranormal Entity” and “Murder Is Not Pretty”.

The video production, web design and search engine optimization company in New York City called Video Film Web Studios has a special educational division in conjunction with NYC AIM (New York City Apprenticeships in Media) in Manhattan.

So how do you make a documystery and in the process effectively promote your career or business?

Thanks to breakthroughs in digital media arts, the procedure is really quite simple and can be reduced to a system similar to one used on major motion pictures.

But it has a twist thatharnesses the power of video (online video campaigns), film (documystery internet episodically released feature film) plus web (web newspapers, magazines and broadcasts). That’s video, film and web!

Initially, let’s take a look at how the entertainment industry does it: 1. Development, 2. Pre-Production, 3. Production, 4. Post Production, 5. Marketing and distribution. Sounds like a lot, right? Now the good news, YOU can do the same thing but in  3 not 5 steps.

Here is the new “out of the box” business models for videofilmweb marketing that you can easily do yourself:

1.      VIDEO – Online Video Campaigns
Acquire the support of local businesses as sponsors of an event that launches the making of the documystery. The businesses will provide free gifts to be raffled at the event as well as will pay a reduced advertising fee in conjunction with receiving an online video campaign package that includes a video made for their business and other internet marketing and event promotion perks.

2.      FILM – Internet Episodic Feature Films and Shorts
The documystery at approximately 81 – 90 minutes is released both on the web episodically as well as into theaters (awards show strategy) and DVD (library collections and ecommerce). The difference between this phase and the marketing and distribution phase of the traditional entertainment industry business model, is that via sponsors’ involvement the property the film will have “already made its money back” before release because the sponsors receive their value up front in the form of publicity and advertising. Unlike movie investors who have been known to frequently lose their shirt.

3.      WEB – Web Newspapers, Magazines and Broadcasts
Sponsors of the project do not receive a percentage of the documystery, but following a business model more like television with commercials, the partners receive the benefits immediately of track-able results from their campaigns including new clients, referrals and testimonials – all of which customized media and internet marketing automates for them. And it is truly a win-win situation because these same campaigns ultimately promote not only the sponsors but also the documystery some of which may well have been shot on location in the businesses, or in its storyline integrates sponsors’ products and services.

So there you have it, a way to make a documystery that helps your business and career in the process. Get shooting!

Google Offers

Have you tried Google Offers? There’s no question that programs like Google Offers are the present and future of advertising. If done correctly it can be a win-win for everyone. The consumer gets a discount and the vendor receives advertising. And if the vendor structures and plans their offer properly, including how to segue an incoming Google Offers customer and converting him or her to a regular client, it’s all the sweeter!

writing an outline

Yesterday in a rather spontaneous fashion I ended up writing an outline for a stage play with my wife.

One of the keys to an outline, though it is not entirely necessary, is to have your protagonist or central character go through some kind of psychological journey.

Sometimes called moral flaw or Achilles heel, this is where your main character has some kind of internal issue. Then through taking on the challenges of the story, the result it (at least for the moment) completing the arc of overcoming the flaw.