Believe in Yourself Please

Believe in Yourself

Belief in ourselves and our dreams is vital. There are many different ways to achieve this, and it is likely that you have come across some of them thus far in your lifetime, not matter what age you are. Think back to the time that you were most brave about your ideas. Maybe you now think that your prior confidence was ill founded, that you did not really have the knowledge and experience then to realize you were on the wrong path. Or were you?

Remember the Confidence

If you are in your 40’s you probably have memories of you being young and dumb and not knowing any better, yet you accomplished much in comparison to how you feel about yourself now. Even if you are only 22 and younger, you likely too can have had times that you think back on now, when you had more confidence in yourself. How do you get this back?

One Way to Believe in Yourself More

One way to get it back is to realize you are “you,” no matter how old you were then in comparison. Sometimes it can seem that being younger then was the reason people would listen to you more because of your age then. This brings to mind a hobby I had as a kid, that I fully intended to act on as an adult. Well time changed and other opportunities opened up so I left that dream and started another. And ironically all these years later I am returning to the practice of that hobby and am finding myself through doing it to remember how I once felt, to believe in myself.

USA Magicians

Houdini Day

Some of the magicians who have been nominated for the “USA Magician of the Year,” award are not living. My 12 year old daughter was just here asking how it is possible for someone who has gone to the great beyond, to be a winner on National Magic Day also known as Houdini Day?

An Impact on Magic

I told her that giving a “Houdini” on Houdini Day (October 31st was the day of his death) is a way of paying our respect to those conjurers both living and no longer with us. This is because those who have truly given to the art of prestidigitation live on far beyond their passing from this world.


Those nominated also consists of performers who have influence me in my life in magic. It has really been a thrill to meet those I read about when I was a kid and a “semi pro” magician performing at birthday parties, club events, schools and more.

Who Do You Think Will Win

How about you? I know that some of the readers of this blog are conjurers themselves and to them I ask “who do you think should win?” Most “finger flingers” know of the majority of the members in this lineup of greats. If not before, we will see you on Houdini Day (Halloween) when we’ll not only try to communicate with the master himself on “the other side” but additionally will announce the winner of the title “2020 USA Magician of the Year!”