Employment is a Process

I have a lot of friends involved either directly or indirectly in the world of education. And one of the topics we talk about often is the preparedness of the educational process to equip someone to succeed in the world of employment. The search for the silver bullet has yet to be found but a consistent idea that arises is that employment is a process. A process that you need to live and breath in and not allow yourself to get stuck in. As much of a cliche as it may be, the concept is that you keep moving forward, motivated as much as possible in what you are interested in.  You do this in conjunction with always being squarely on track with a sense of clarity about how you are a solution provider. This is where you need to self promote. Self promoting for some can be hard, especially for those who are humble or shy. But you need to do it. They don’t know if you don’t tell them. Chances are that you have many resources and areas of opportunity that if you told people about could open doors for you. And don’t worry about instant results because remember…employment is a process.