‘To Leverage You’ to ‘Make a Community’

Understanding the Use of ABEIFY Inspiration for Community Building Powered by the Process To Leverage You

ABEIFY (Artist Businessperson Educator Innovator Facilitator You) has solutions for you the ABEIFY as well as Archives resources.

‘Leader of Community’

Your expertise, whether it is in the Arts, Business or Education, is a valuable tool for community building. Why? Because you as a ‘Leader of Community’ can truly help the ‘Members of Community’ with your knowledge, experience and perspective to solve their pressing problems by providing them with your monthly ‘Solution of Leader’.

The Idea of ‘AI Do Good’ is an Important One in this Day and Age When it Comes ‘To Leverage You’

Some in the field of Artificial Intelligence are in pursuit of ‘AI Do Good’ when they engage in the ‘To Leverage You’ process, understanding the importance that AI be used to do good. This is critical since one of the tools in the ‘Make a Community’ ‘Website Ecosystem’ toolkit is AI.

Making a Difference for Others

Another method ‘To Leverage You’ and your life can be found on the AI Do Good Awards site where you can also learn about people, some who are alive and others who are no longer with us, who were prior engaged in or are currently pursuing the objective of ‘AI Do Good’.

Potential of Humanity

Each was/is a ‘Leader of Community’ who had/has the courage to leverage their thoughts, do testing, enact experimentation, source their knowledge thereby making an invaluable contribution to the potential of humanity.

Pushing into Place a Thought Process?

‘AI How to To’ has a new article entitled To Leverage You and Your Imagination is Easy if You Know How. But can something like leveraging your imagination and becoming more creative actually be accomplished just through a thought process?

What Can You Do that Other People Find Valuable?

Rather than focusing on things you feel you need to change (like to become more creative), it can sometimes make more sense to figure out what unique abilities you intrinsically have that other people find valuable. One approach to begin to explore this area is ‘To Leverage You’ using a thought process.

‘To Leverage You’ to ‘Make a Community’

‘To Leverage You’ to ‘Make a Community’ is an ongoing journey of evolving your ‘Make a Community’ ‘Website Ecosystem’. One method to gaining insight into how to get on this pathway, might be to look at examples of those both past and present whose work contributed to the ‘Make a Community’ process as seen on the Make a Community Awards website. Learning from those before you is vital, because remember, if you are a leader with an expertise in the Arts, Business or Education, an inspiration is the realization that ‘To Leverage You’ means that you are leveraging your most important resource…you.