Three Words That Could Make A Difference

There are some who have already given up on their New Year’s Resolutions and others who have forgotten them. Why is it that sometimes keeping a goal in focus and acting on it seems so hard? We live in a society that in many ways worships easy. Is this wrong? Is it actually true that things take hard work? Or is it really a matter of…perspective?

If it really is about point of view then when something appears difficult why not think to yourself “It’s very easy”? Is this dangerous? Or are things often more simple to do than they appear? Clearly there are objectives that many of us would find too tough, but then maybe the easy solution is to get someone else who is qualified in that area to help us.

As an experiment I made a list of things big and small that I wanted to accomplish. I then read each entry and repeated to myself “It’s very easy”. Looking at that list from the perspective “It’s very easy” began to lighten the barriers between me doing these things versus not.

Could it really be this easy?

It’s very easy!?