the Pias and Dramatics shin-dig

the Pias and Dramatics shin-dig is coming up on Saturday. This party, held at a Dramatics NYC salon, is an important reference point for the campaigns of stylist contestants. 9 stylists, each from different salons across the city, are competing for the title “Stylist of the Year PIA”. The winner of this particular Platinum Pias Award gets the bragging rights of being the top stylist in the North East section of the United States. I think the PIAs producers’ logic is that in Manhattan “If you make it here you can make it anywhere” and therefore a win in New York City gives you cred stretching at least a third or so across the country. This upcoming party, one of the biggest events in the build to the actual PIAs awards, is also a terrific example of Digital Communication Arts in action. Many forms of media will be present at the happening including online video making, blogging and more.