The Easy Way to Write an eBook

A Motivator

We start with a question, “Why would you want to write an eBook in the first place?” The reason is because if you have written a good eBook on a certain subject, you will start to be seen as an expert on that topic. Or, your reasons could be as simple as that you wish to attract people to sign up for your newsletter in exchange for getting your eBook.

Focusing on Education

On IMDB I am listed as a writer, producer and editor which is true, but these past several years as many of you know, I’ve been putting my attention on education and marketing (as well as education on the topic of marketing). The reason for pursuing education and getting my two degrees is the influence of my good friend, the late Rodger Taylor, who was a librarian. Our work together at branches of the New York Public Library inspired me and got me more focused on being on the teaching track.


There are many who would like to be an educators and write a nonfiction eBook but have no idea where to start. One easy way is to first create a PowerPoint presentation and then convert it into a PDF. You can find more information about this and other formats (Amazon’s Kindle being one of them) at Art Gush.


Meanwhile, what should you write an eBook about. Clearly it is a good idea to write about something you know, but in some cases there are people who believe they don’t know anything. This is more likely untrue than true because just about everyone has some kind of expertise that they may never have thought of as an expertise.

Find Out What is Popular

Once you’ve decided on a topic, your next step is to find out if this topic is interesting to others. One way to do this is through searching Google Trends. You can enter your topic into Google Trends to see if it shows up as a trend. If it does not, try describing your topic in a different way. Chances are that eventually you will come up with a word or phrase that is very popular.


If you have uncovered a trend, write that into YouTube’s search area and look at the pulldown. Does your phrase show up in YouTube as a pulldown? If not, go back to the drawing board of Google Trends until you eventually find a description of your idea that works on both platforms.


Now you have a good name or phrase, but is there a website domain available for it? Search domain registrars for a domain that is as close as possible to your topic. Now as many of you know, Google rarely recognizes same name domains anymore. As of this writing Bing does though and sometimes Yahoo. We bring this up because the ultimate goal is to set up a site dedicated just to your current eBook idea.

Your Choice

Why consider a new domain and site? For one thing it sends a message to your current prospect that you are serious about what you are doing as well as are focused. Or, rather than a new domain, you could start to collect eBooks and courses on your main site. In truth Google seems to like this better, at least as of this writing, but the choice is up to you.