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Houdini Day

Some of the magicians who have been nominated for the “USA Magician of the Year,” award are not living. My 12 year old daughter was just here asking how it is possible for someone who has gone to the great beyond, to be a winner on National Magic Day also known as Houdini Day?

An Impact on Magic

I told her that giving a “Houdini” on Houdini Day (October 31st was the day of his death) is a way of paying our respect to those conjurers both living and no longer with us. This is because those who have truly given to the art of prestidigitation live on far beyond their passing from this world.


Those nominated also consists of performers who have influence me in my life in magic. It has really been a thrill to meet those I read about when I was a kid and a “semi pro” magician performing at birthday parties, club events, schools and more.

Who Do You Think Will Win

How about you? I know that some of the readers of this blog are conjurers themselves and to them I ask “who do you think should win?” Most “finger flingers” know of the majority of the members in this lineup of greats. If not before, we will see you on Houdini Day (Halloween) when we’ll not only try to communicate with the master himself on “the other side” but additionally will announce the winner of the title “2020 USA Magician of the Year!”

The Creation of an eBook

Testing Has Been Done

It is an exciting time indeed. Our new organization is putting out a new eBook. With the success of our prior magic eBook within the first 2 days being the leading publication in sales, we are now reaching out to an audience in the non conjuring world. The offering is for those who wish to make a difference in their business or their own self promotion. This is shown via marketing techniques we have used and tested ourselves, that have been proven to work.

eBook Delivery

Although the actual distribution process is still in the works, we are meanwhile working hard to ensure that our eBook be as successful as possible. The way we are helping to make this happen is through the development of a platform that will both do market research (in terms of the things that our future customers need) as well will deliver the written work to the user making the purchase.

Details to Come

We can’t get into the detail about this yet but will alert you of the online sales process once it has begun.

Turning “Too Busy” into Being a Motivator

Family comes first.

Almost Let Myself off the Hook

You’ve probably heard it spoken to you, or maybe you’ve spoken to others the phrase “I’m too busy.” Well the fact is, if you have prioritized your life and business, you may very well be too busy. But don’t let yourself off quite yet. What is it you really want to be doing? Have you made time for that or are you “too busy” to work on it. I know that I do this frequently. There are projects that are pressing, such as writing for this blog at least once a month, that I almost let myself off the hook today.

Why Write?

As I thought about being “too busy” to put up a post here, I pulled back for a minute. Why am I too busy to do a blog entry? Isn’t this what it’s all about? Of course it is. You can motivate yourself even if you are too busy to do so. How? Put everything into perspective and look at the stuff that matters. Family of course matters first and foremost. Friends are up there. Business is too. So why would I want to write in this blog?

“Good Morning” is the Priority

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I motivated myself to write in this blog using a technique myself and my brother talk about frequently that we call “Monetize your life.” The premise is simple. There are things you do and could well have to do, that could be used in some kind of product, service or art piece. Keeping a blog at one time or another has either been one of these or even all three. I turned “being too busy” into a motivator telling myself that doing this blog is important to me. And it is! Excuse me now as I go and say “good morning” to my family!

Being a Part of a Creative Community



I am fortunate to be a part of a creative community that meets regularly online via Zoom. It makes a difference in this pandemic to be in contact with like minded people. I also have been looking a lot at quotes of well known individuals. This includes Albert Einstein, who was the subject of a book  by a dear friend of mine who sadly passed last year. One of my favorite saying of Einstein is:

“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

This resonates with me. We as a culture do get caught up with “success” that is based on monetary gain and can forget the bigger picture. What matters most is our relationship with ourselves in which we deem what matters to us. I believe we do have a choice and that what you think about can have an impact on what you encounter. I believe it is vital to focus on the positive.

Technology is Your Friend?


If you are like many people who use technology a lot, chances are that you get a phishing attempt every other day or so. There so many cunning and insidious ways that technology can be used against you, as well as it being a tool for inspiration.

The Good of Technology

We try to have our focus on the “good” or technology, because even after all these years of being attacked and bumping our head against walls, there is still a little bit of idealism present.

Take a Chance

We’ve talked about idealism before. It is something that is necessary to create and yet these days it is in short supply. Not that there aren’t a lot of people who still have it present within them, it’s the acting on it that is the problem. One can feel something positive but never externalize it. Hopefully we’ll all take chances with it because the world today needs it badly.

Zoom is the New Lens

Tool of Choice

Who would have thought Zoom would have taken off in the way it has, with fuel on the fire by the Lockdown of COVID-19. People need now, more than ever, to communicate with each other, and it seems that Zoom is the tool of choice.

Staying in Touch

I know people who use Zoom either to attend distance learning or teach it. I am the member of a club that uses it. My family and I use it regularly to stay in touch with relatives.

What do You Use?

Do you use Zoom? Or do you employ another communication means? We’d love to know.

Publishing and Self Publishing

Do You Have a Publishing Idea?

Publishing and self publishing are a line that is getting blurred. Now more than ever specific information is needed regarding how to get your book in front of your audience. The more specific your target demographic is, the better. Recently a new eBook entitled “Invent Mentalism,” was released to an audience consisting of mentalists and magicians. Do you have an idea that you would like seen be published?

Is Your Idea Helpful?

It is sometimes beneficial to pursue the area of “How Tos.” People like to learn how to do things because it opens up new doorways of opportunity for them. Do you have something to say to an audience that will be helpful for them? An example of this is an eBook that solves a problem for the reader. In this case, the author updated his book with a new section on alternative income streams for mentalists and magicians. This was done due to the fact that the Pandemic changed things for performers and they needed new ways to make money that did not rely on having a live audience.

What’s Your Motivation?

Getting started is sometimes not easy. That is why it is important to choose a topic that you are passionate about. Do you have a take on a subject that is unique and never been done before? All the better to see that it comes to light.

We’ve Talked About “Too Many Hats” at Great Length

Pick your hats. That’s right “hats” and not just “hat” as we will see.

Yes, the idea of “Too Many Hats” or “Lots of Hats” or even virtue of wearing a lot of caps continues to be a “thing” as described at Entertainment Entrepreneurship.

Documystery has a lot to say about hats too in their recent exploration of “things you wear on your head.”

The point is, in the future people will wear more hats BECAUSE THEY CAN!

It is going to continue to be an ever evolving move toward working in small niches, which means that more and more people will not have to rely on big tech or entertainment industries for backing and will instead develop their own audiences. Wearing instead multiple hats in a DIY world.

DigiComArts and DigiRefer are on Fire

Shout out

Just a quick shout out to DigiComArts and Digirefer that are on fire. Great going everyone, the digital evolution continues.

The New Way

The theme is the way in which media clients of today are more savvy than ever with their tools that means media providers need to think not so much about what the next media incarnation is (though this is important) but to see themselves more as facilitators who can be the glue the client needs to put it all together.

Manhattan Coronavirus

The Process

New York City is under siege so I am definitely involved in developing a process these days. Brand new sites like “Coronavirus After” and “Manhattan Coronavirus” are popping up all over the place and are in their own way helping others.

Blog Coalition
And yes, the Blog Coalition, now over 47 blogs, working together to make a difference.

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