NYC AIM high by Yianni Stamas

NYC AIM high is both the slogan for NYC AIM as well as contains the name of the curriculum.

The NYC AIM mantra and outlook starts with looking at your current situation and the environment you are in.


Reading is a big part of NYC, whether its is reading online or reading hard copy books.

Fuel for the Imagination

I believe that reading can help fuel your imagination and creativity to solidify your dreams. And as a fan of books on Global History I enjoy reading about how Europe and other regions have impacted America.

Northern NYC

For example, legend has it that Europeans came to Inwood, Manhattan back in 1626 as signified by a landmark rock in Inwood Hill Park.

The story goes that a Danish man purchased the entire island of Manhattan from Native Americans for a few trinkets.


A questionable real estate transaction indeed, but since that alleged moment many a dream in New York City has been solidified as a result.

Creative Process

I love to relax with a book during the summer, but reading is something I do all year long. And for me it’s a creative process where I form images in my head, a bit like making films or creating television.

Solidify Your Dreams

So solidify your dreams…Lights, camera, read!