New Year Resolutions for Humanity? ‘Make a Community?’ Or ‘AI Do Good?’ Or ‘Join a Gym?’


It is early in the day on December 31, New Year’s Eve, moving soon into 2024 and I have started reading a very long book. It is about the relatively recent history of human beings and the cycles of conflict that we go through.


It comes as no surprise to most of us that we are living in especially splintered times as Americans, with very little agreement between the ‘two sides’. And they are now not the same two sides one would have thought of, as recently as only 5 years ago or so.

Worse Before Better?

Make a community of the U.S.? Sounds good in practice. But the book I have begun pouring over begs to differ. It theorizes that the past tells us that things are going to get worse before they get better.

New Year’s Eve into a Happy AI Year?

We’ve had a full year of expanding awareness of the disruption as well as the positives of AI. This in turn has led to discussions about AI versus humanity. Is there anything we can do in the New Year to help things?


I mean, this a bit ‘tongue in cheek’ of course, but can joining a gym help? Or going on a diet? Or how about ‘Make a Community’?

Make a Community?

You see, whether we are conscious of it or not we are continually, throughout our lives, engaged in the process to ‘Make a Community’.

Doing it without Realizing

Without even being aware of it, we ‘Make a Community’ with family, friends and coworkers again and again in ever changing configurations.

Do You have an Expertise?

And if you are fortunate enough to have developed an expertise in areas like the Arts or Business or Education, more opportunities to ‘Make a Community’ await.

Share with Others

It is an honorable decision to ‘Make a Community’ especially if you have something of value to others to share.

Give Recognition

That’s why the ‘Make a Community Awards’ site was just started with a posting of those who either have or are, making an impact when it comes to ‘Make a Community’. It is important to recognize and honor those both living, as well as those no longer with us, who consciously chose to ‘Make a Community’ and as a result helped or are helping humanity.

And Don’t Forget AI

And because of what is at stake for humans when it comes to AI, both positive and negative, it behooves us to be aware of those who have, or had, impact on the development of Artificial Intelligence.

AI Do Good

The new website known as the ‘AI Do Good Awards’ also has a list up today on New Year’s Eve. This list recognizes those who made, as well as those who are making, a difference when it comes to the goal of ‘AI Do Good’.

Resolutions for Humanity

The very long book I started reading about the relatively recent history of human beings and the cycles of conflict that we go through, has made me think about what might be New Year’s Resolutions to consider. Make a Community? AI Do Good? I for one would be happy to even just find a nearby NYC gym that has yoga classes!