Looking Back at the Platinum PIAs 2012

Every December the Platinum PIAs occur. It is the community awards ceremony of education and the beauty arts. December 2012 was one of the best PIAs yet. The mission of the Platinum PIAs and the monthly Lights Camera Read NYC Workshop programs leading up to them is to engage the community, businesses and artists in a collaborative educational process for individual success and that of the economy. The workshops at the library are always free and the speakers are volunteers.

I am happy to report that yesterday we had the January workshop and it was a success. We had an inspiring speaker who spoke about his dual career as both a firefighter and an actor.

This year in the build to the Platinum PIAs 2013 we will be honoring a different New Yorker each month who will speak about his or her unique way of making a living. In turn the students do art, writing and video projects based on the message of the the speakers. These projects become eligible for Platinum PIAs nominations.