Just Having the “Method How” is Not Enough

In the End, What You Do with Your “Method How” Makes all the Difference

Most dreamers do not achieve their big dream, not because they do not know how to (they can always get their “Method How”), but because they are afraid of pushing through the fear necessary to make it happen.

To the Top and then Down?

There are a lot of scary steps getting to the top, and many people will hate you and want what you have. You become a visible target and at a certain point in your arc, once you reach the top you will then quickly start to descend, which is inevitable.

Would You Like to Dance?

And your only shot at going back up, even a little bit, is to, at your now older age, do a dance, an amazing dance, during which you hurriedly continue to build your wealth, maintain your visibility and most importantly, be relevant!

Only One Step Ahead

And the funny thing is that in order to get to that point of “Success” it does not matter if you are young or old. In fact, there is only one advantage younger people have over older people.

A Single Difference

This “edge” is that if a younger individual is somehow no longer afraid, and is motivated enough to boldly take the steps, then they will likely have a longer time to live their life as a “Dreamer Do.”

Will You Claim the Status?

And the funny thing is that if a young person does not figure out how to push through fear, they will eventually become old and then pass away without having ever been able to claim the status of “Dreamer Do.”

Will it Make You Happier?