Happy New Year’s Day! In the Past, Resolutions I Have Made Usually Result in Me Dropping the Ball (Pun Intended)!

It is Not About Having Enough Time; It Has to Do with the Outcome Sought

I think that in theory, creating a bucket list at the beginning of the year can spice up what is to come. It is a great concept actually. A time to review what you accomplished the prior year, and then to make a list of things you wish to achieve in the coming 12 months. But I don’t know about you, I have not always had the best follow-through in terms of making it across the finish line.

My New Year’s Evolution

I am definitely planning out of the coming 365.25 days. Today is Day #1. I am doing the whole mapping out the year differently than I have in the past. Part of the strategy is to be accountable to other coalition websites. And then for 52.17857 weeks I will be helping with the development of a project, the evolution of which will be seen on blogs like this one.

The Coalition and Education

As several of you know, there are around 60 or so sites in the Blog Coalition. Yesterday, four of these blogs, including the Blog Coalition website itself, made it known publicly that they have a commitment to be engaged in the procedure or creating learning materials. The three remaining that put up blog posts yesterday, New Year’s Eve are the sites the Platinum PIAs, Save NYC Together, and USA Make a Difference.