Do You Believe in the Manhattan Magician?

Is Manhattan Magician’s crystal ball a pathway to the cosmic world?

Real or Not?

Some of you may know of the Manhattan Magician who bills himself as “An Illusionist Entertainer and Not an Actual Psychic.” But despite trying to ward off the rumors of being a true necromancer, the claims grow by others that he is in possession of unearthly abilities.

The Question that Houdini Wrestled With

This brings up an important topic that Houdini sought the truth about for years, but seemingly never came up with with an acceptable answer. And that topic is the question “Is there such a thing as psychic abilities?” World famous magician and escape artist Harry Houdini mulled over this question in his later years.

Ever the Showman

Ever the showman Houdini, used his unveiling of so called spiritual mediums as phonies to generate publicity for himself. He offered a reward to anyone who could do alleged feats of mysticism that he was unable to duplicate as a conjurer.

Manhattan Magician is Carrying on the Work

Although Manhattan Magician knows he is no Houdini, he does carry on the torch that many practitioners of prestidigitation do and have done, which is trying to erase the country of illegitimate folks who claim to have supernatural powers.

Manhattan Magician’s Show

If you ever get a chance to see Manhattan Magician’s program “Mental Magic Show” we encourage you to do so. This event is still very much in the practice phase, but focuses on the removal of the veil of necromancy while at the same time entertaining with spooky magic tricks.