Concept to Real and Learning from Friends

I am fortunate to have a lot of interesting friends who do a lot of different things primarily in the arts and business. There seemed to be some interest regarding last week’s topic. So here is a bit more on the subject drawing from the experience someone I know and thought what this person described to me would be interesting to you, especially if you are a Startup Introvert or are a “Quiet” Emerging Entrepreneur who is finding it challenging to create a company that will be profitable in these strained times. And let’s face it, many introverts find it especially difficult doing things like sales while the competition, business extraverts, seem to have an easier time of it since their personality is outgoing and in some cases razor sharp goal oriented.

My friend, like many in business, was seeking a way to be more succesful.

This friend in the early ’80s was in L.A. and lead a life such that all around him were people becoming rich and famous. Literally.

My friend had an interesting and helpful insight.

He talks about how he probably should have been more surprised that success seemed so simple. Because the bottom line is to be successful takes a lot of work. Though, some are smarter on how they approach their entrepreneurial ventures.

But I my friend thought that “Making It” in the movie industry was going to be a piece of cake. And yes, my pal was a Startup Introvert.

He had always assumed that there was a “Method How” to become well known as an expert who was wealthy. Something we have in common is a fascination regarding uncovering formulas that once invented in a series of steps, would get the person using the blueprint to attain what they wanted to, in a less taxing experience.

Such is the key to embarking on a journey in which you go from “Concept to Real.”

At the time of speaking to my friend, I was coincidently spending time on my own doing research through observation. I contemplated on why no one had written a book like “Method How to Become a Celeb in Your Spare Time.” I am kidding of course.

But hearing stories from my friend about filmmakers, movie starts and such, it was puzzling to him as it is with me, why some folks appear to have an innate ability to climb the ladder?

Why is getting what you want appears to require no effort on the part of certain individuals while for others seems impossible?

I wanted to figure out why status building for “climbers” seemed effortless, while for others they tried and tried and tried again, but with no result?

Yet again through research it is once more reinforced that for Startup Introverts versus Business Extraverts, the former quits easily while the latter finds achievement simple.

The “Method How” is to keep climbing the cliff. And at any moment the rock you are holding onto might break. Just don’t look down.

And even if you do feel fearful, continue climbing up regardless.

Getting from “concept to real” is really a lot simpler than most of us think. Simple to know the “Method How.” Not so simple to stomach!