Bigfoot in Oregon

You may have heard the recent story about the remote Native American reservation in Oregon called Umatilla that is east of Pendleton. Apparently shrieks in the night are being heard there and the community is split between whether it is just wolves and foxes or if it is Bigfoot himself. The possible Media Space NYC Platinum Pia nominated online magazine project called “Bigfoot Zombie” has been looking into it. They claim that there is a possible connection to Sasquatch Undead sightings as far away as Inwood Manhattan. The folks at “Bigfoot Zombie” believe that the loud animal screams in Oregon are from a Bigfoot Zombie who got separated from his family. Just as there were rumors last year in Northern NYC where some residents believed that Sasquatch Undead has made his way from Oregon and is now residing in the natural caves in Inwood Hill Park.