Actually a Great Time of Year

Living in NYC has an excitement still, even though I have lived here since 1988. There is always something going on of interest, regardless of who you are and what you would like to be a part of. And it is 12-12-2022 which means we will be doing the usual.

We will be putting 2022 to rest soon with the emergence of 2023. And it is actually a great time of year when you have a new chance at doing a New Year’s resolution which you will not do, despite thinking about it and maybe even go through the motions.

But for me anyway, by March you have pretty much forgotten what you gave as your goal, and at that point even if a memory of it pops into your brain now and then, it does not really matter because you will be soon find that you have given yourself permission.

Permission for what? Permission to not do in 2023 what you promised to yourself you would. That is how it is for me, consciously anyway. Okay, but here is the great news, even if you have maybe not even started the planned undertaking there is an official out clause.

You see, you might think every now and then about what you thought you wanted to do, but clearly that was not the achievement you sought and now can confirm you did not execute your action plan,

No worries. Because even if you failed to make it happen, if it is truly meaningful to you, will eventually do it. Therefore if you make a commitment to yourself that in 2023 the more spot on you are about your actual “needs” the more likely you will be to do them now!

But if it is suddenly December 2023 and are now focused on facing 2024, you have another shot at giving yourself the true objectives that are best for you at that moment. You see, it is indeed actually a great time of year!